It is almost here! Who can’t wait for the RT Convention in New Orleans?

*raises hand*

Are you going? If so, can’t wait to meet you. Both Patti and I are native New Orleanians and we’ve decided to share our love for the city, just in time for the RT Convention. Look out for maps, restaurant guides, pronunciation guides and much more in the month leading up to RT.


The map above is from the French Quarter, just one section of the city. New Orleans is divided into areas, each with it’s own name and the French Quarter is one of the biggest tourist areas of the city and also the location in which the RT Convention is being held. Patti is from an area of the city called Algiers and I actually live right across the border of the city in a town called Old Jefferson (still has a New Orleans zip code – but I get the lower taxes!).

Don’t worry if you are stumped by street names – the next post will be a street name pronunciation guide, so you don’t sound like a tourist when you jump in the taxi. But a quickie for you – the RT Convention is being held at the New Orleans Mariott. This is on Canal Street (Canal is easy!) and Chartres Street, pronounce (Chart – ers – not Char-trez).

If you still have not book a hotel because of the rates within the city, try looking along the I-10 – the major interstate leading into New Orleans. There is a city called Metairie, that is only 10 minutes away – along the I-10 they have a lot of hotels that will be significantly cheaper. FYI – the Holiday Inn Metairie was just completely renovated.

If you are attending, I would love to know – and I’m sure others would. I’ve created a link list. Jen – from Red Hot Books gave me the idea to do the “real face” in the time leading up to RT – just so people have a general idea of what you look like. So – you can add thumbnails of what you look like if you want to. It will really help, we aren’t judging – take a selfie. XOXO – can’t wait to meet you.