It is that time of year…tax time. Did you know as a blogger, if you make any money from your blog and you live in the U.S. you have to claim that money earned – but it also gives you the opportunity for deductions. Take this post in stride, I am not a tax professional, this is the type of stuff I hand over to my tax guy – but you can do this too! They don’t know unless you tell them and a lot of the time, bloggers have no clue that they can claim their blog. Or have to claim the money they make blogging.

A question people always ask me – “how much could you possible spend on blogging?” You would be surprised. Take a peek in my pocket and all the expenses that might arise with blogging.
MacBook Pro

Computer Equipment

I purchased a new computer this year, a 13 Retina Mac Book Pro. I also had to purchase a new wireless router. I went with an Apple Airport Extreme Station, because nothing else was working. Right there I was in the RED big time, just in purchases. But, I hope that these purchases will last me for at least 3 to 5 years. Computer equipment is tax deductible.

Other Electronics

feature-otherfeatures._V357570666_Have an eReader for your use to read your NetGalley books? I like to use my Kindle for NetGalley books, over my other readers. And I’m in the market for a new one. Going back and forth between the Kindle Fire, or an eInk type reader. Both are tax deductible according to my tax guy.

Internet Fees & Wifi

Speaking of my Airport Extreme, mentioned above, I also pay my monthly fee to my internet provider. If I didn’t have internet and wifi none of this would be possible. What would I do? Work in a coffee shop each day. At my local coffee shop you have to make a purchase to use the wifi – so $5 a day for coffee is much more expensive then $30 a month for fast internet. Not to mention people can hack your computer while you work at coffee shops.


Going to BEA cost me a fortune last year. The air fare, hotel fees, taxis and conference fees all added up to money money money. While at the conference you can claim the conference fees, hotel, transportation, dining…might make that big expense, not so big in the end.

$1.99/Mo. for 12 months of Economy Hosting at GoDaddy.comInternet Subscriptions, Hosting & Domain Registration

This is a big one! Don’t forget your hosting and registration. I pay GoDaddy a lot of money to host 3 of my sites. This is also tax deductible. You can also claim any other monthly subscriptions you pay like a Linky Subscription, Rafflecopter, Yahoo Flickr account etc. These little $25 – $100 fees a year add up. I have subscriptions with Gravity Forms, Elegant themes – you name it. I’ve probably purchased it. To the woe of my darling husband. Don’t forget if you purchase stock photography for your site, or maybe a song to play!

Talk, Talk, Talk

How do you communicate with people? Do you use your cell phone, or maybe a land line to set up interviews, connect with advertisers etc? I know I do….I use my iPhone for everything, even if you just use it for social networking, you are using your 4G connection right?? Another expense. I don’t know what I would do without my iPhone.

Adobe Creative CloudDesign & Promotion

I do my own design, but I subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which is a monthly expense. Any design you purchase for your site is a tax deduction. If you advertise your blog on other sites, that is another expense. Did you also know that Contest prizes you purchase are another expense? Yup. All those contest you host, shipping, books…let your tax professional know. Have pens, tees or other promotional material printed? Another expense! Boy, we spend a lot of money on this blogging thing, don’t we?

Office Equipment & Supplies

I purchased business cards, bookmarks, boxes and envelopes for shipping, post-it notes for scribbling, notebooks for scribbling…all of these are expenses.

Subscriptions & Memberships

Anything that you subscribe to, or become a member of that promotes your blog maybe deductible.

Other Expenses to keep in mind (might not be deductible but it doesn’t hurt to ask):


  • Subscription
  • Amazon Prime Membership
  • Shipping Costs
  • Cameras, Video Equipment
  • Movie tickets if you review movies
  • Plugin costs


Β Check out this handy list on for more info.