April Fool's Challenge


Welcome to Day 9 – Serious issues for readers that non-readers or light readers would think you are mental if you discussed them.

Yeah this can get crazy…

  1. The movie poster as the book cover really really pisses me off.
  2. The fact that some of my best friends are characters in books
  3. The fact that I might have bigger crushes on romantic heroes…then my actual husband (don’t tell him this!) At least the romantic heroes don’t take me for granted…and they stop talking when I shut the book. *snicker*
  4. That I’m pissed that Katniss was the most popular baby name (along with Django) in 2013 – not in 2008 when the book was published. What, that doesn’t make you angry too??
  5. The fact that I use words like distraught, laconic and I know what a homonym is –
  6. The voices in my head are actually the characters of certain books that haven’t been written yet…
  7. I can’t carry a clutch because it doesn’t fit my book.
  8. In a pinch I can read on my iPhone
  9. Wishing my kid would grow up quicker so she can read the Harry Potter series for the first time.
  10. A perfect vacation day would just be staying home to read.
  11. Having to restrain myself when someone utters “why should I read the book, I’ll just watch the movies.”
  12. Reading outside is my “outdoor” activity
  13. The fact that I have to reread the series right before the next book comes out, no matter how many books they have in the series.
  14. The fact that I can read an entire book in a couple of hours.
  15. The fact that I’m getting kind of pissed writing this list…you can not imagine the stupid crap that people say to me, just when they hear that I read a few books a week. Like I’m weird because I like to read. I guess if I said I like to work-out a few times a week, people would be cool…

So what do you think? Do you have some of these issues too?