PJV Quickie: Sophie Jordan is a powerhouse author, everything this women produces I have really enjoyed. Especially her young adult titles. UNINVITED was no different, it was complex, exciting, emotional and it just made me want to talk about it. You can’t get any better.

Review: The concept of this book made me pause. I have to admit that I wasn’t that intrigued with it. And now I’ll admit, my first impression was completely wrong. The story focuses on Davy, a high school senior with the perfect life. Rich family, hot boyfriend, a scholarship to Julliard and a great best friend. She is the darling of her high school until her DNA test results come back from a forced testing done by her school. In the not to distant future, DNA mapping has been able to locate a gene that is unique to potential killers. Chances are, if you are a convicted murderer, you have this gene. It is dubbed the kill gene.

Davy tests positive for the kill gene and her perfect life crumbles around her. The only person that understands what she is going through is fellow HTS carrier, Sean. A potential killer. Just like her.

That is basically the synopsis, but what it doesn’t go into is how Jordan handled the world of this future where we can diagnose killers. Because, while I was reading this novel, Spc. Ivan Lopez brought a .45 caliber handgun onto the Fort Hood base and killed three people, injuring 16. If we were able to pinpoint a killer gene, Ivan Lopez wouldn’t be in the Army, would he? Or he wouldn’t be able to run around free with a .45 caliber. It makes sense. Especially when tragedies like Sandy Hook resonate through the country.

But, Jordan stepped it up a notch. She forced me to face what it would be like to be an individual with this gene. Because, the people that kill like this, are individuals with lives — until things came together and the result is death. She introduces us to Davy, who is perfect, perfect life. She has the gene, if her life wasn’t perfect, if she was bullied, if she was in a broken home, if she was unattractive — would this make her a killer? Is she different from the others that have this gene? Or will one-day Davy pick up a gun and go to a crowded mall because her boyfriend broke up with her or her mommy didn’t hug her enough?

All these things went through my head as I read this book. It made me think, how would I react if I was in this situation?  Wow, the plot! Then, the characters were also phenom. Davy was the primary character and Jordan introduces us to a bevy of secondary characters, with not as much flavor, but the point was to reinforce that Davy is alone in facing this situation. There is also a good romantic interplay between Davy and Sean, but I wouldn’t categorize this book as a romance. The anxiety of potential “hook-up” gives an interesting twist to the novel, but the emphasis is on Davy and the outside forces that are pushing at her. It also focuses on the future world and the actions of politicians, civilians and fellow HTS carriers, which all impact the plot and Davy’s timeline. It was all so well done, obviously written by an experienced and talented writer.

A great book, a PJV Must Read!!


Then why oh, why, PJ is it getting 4.5 stars and not a glowing 5? The ending. I have to say, the ending to me was a little blurry. I don’t want to give anything away, but Davy has to face all this adversity at every moment in this complex plot, but the final climax was almost easy compared to her other struggles. Call me picky, but I didn’t think it would have been this easy.

Recommendations: For fans of subtle young adult dystopian titles, this is a great example! Young adult contemporary fans will also enjoy. If you like authors like Kendare Blake, Veronica Rossi, and Kiersten White you’ll love Sophie Jordan.

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