PJV Quickie: Pure Heat by M.L. Muchman was a high intensity read, much more then your standard romance novel. In fact, the author focused a lot of his attention on the fire-fighters and their lives, with the romance almost as a side thought. It was sexy at times, it was romantic, but overall it was a novel about firefighters with a bit of mystery thrown in for anxiety levels.

Review: By the amount of information and attention to detail, I would have sworn that this book was written by an author that at one point had been a fire fighter. Buchman, regales us with this very believable story about two people who come together during the forest fire season. Steve Mercer, known as Merks, is a former smokejumper, a fire fighter that jumped out of a plane into the fire to fight it up close and personal, until he was injured and is unable to do his former job. He can’t stay away from the fires though, so he’s been trained to run drones to assist the fire fighters. At his first station, he immediately meets Carly Thomas. He is blown away.

Carly Thomas has lost everyone she loves to the fires, both her father and her fiancé. But, she continues to fight them, because it’s what she is good at. But, she won’t let anyone get close to her anymore. Problem is, Steve won’t take no for an answer. He is attracted to her from the beginning and he is set to get her in his bed pretty quickly. But as these two battle both fire and themselves, they get in pretty deep, pretty quickly, which is something neither one of them planned for.

It was a touching Romance, with a lot of action and a lot of angst. Both characters are dealing with personal loss, guilt and  a lot of stress. They find comfort in each other though. Which makes it a very romantic read.

The action though, is what keeps the pace moving. They go from one fire to the next with all kinds of crazy happening. There is even a bit of military drama, with a few side characters coming from special op backgrounds. Buchman wove in a side-plot that was rather intriguing with the drones and survivalists type terrorists living in the forest of the Pacific Northwest. I really enjoyed this novel, it was like Robert Ludlum and Nora Roberts got together and had a book baby.

If you want a little more plot in your Romance novel, check out Pure Heat. If the hotness on the cover doesn’t suck you in, reading about sexy fire fighters should…

Recommendations: Fans of military romance novels should get a kick out of this one. It has some sexy time, but nothing explicit. Adults only.