FoolsChallenge April Fool's Challenge

Welcome me fools to DAY 6 of The Fool’s Challenge. You ready for today?

About the challenge… anyone can participate, you can do things any way you please. Link up your post below or not. Use the graphic, don’t use the graphic, it is up to you. Just do what I tell you to do each day as part of the challenge. Link ’em up if you want to have others stop by and check out your post.

Today is Day 6 – which means:

Heinous crimes committed to books or book readers?



Crimes of Bookness…

  1. Wash your hands! No really, get your nasty hands off that book. What is that in the pages? Were you eating and dripping crumbs in there. I understand if this was your book, but it’s a library book. You disgust me.
  2. Happens a lot with children’s books – but really, are you letting your kid rip the pages out of that book? What is wrong with you?
  3. Nazi’s burn books, are you a nazi? Well don’t ban them, don’t destroy them, don’t light them on fire, even if they are the worst piece of literature you’ve ever read. Someone out there might like them.
  4. I like to read in the bath, I get it. You don’t have to submerge the book into the water though.
  5. If I lend you a book and it comes back all effed up, I’ll never lend you another book.
  6. The sale of ARCs – real crime. Yup, people that do this suck.
  7. People that win books in a giveaway, not so they can read them or enjoy them, but so they can give it away to a friend or on their own blog. You know what? I wanted that book!!!!! Why did you enter that giveaway. Give me the book!!!!
  8. Greedy grabbers – I’m at a convention and I just saw you grab like three ARCs of a hot title. You gonna read three of them? Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. Because I didn’t get one. But you got three. NOT FAIR.
  9. Did my husband just use my book to kill a cockroach! OMG&*&(!93378643(*(&#@$!98723(*&%!@#*&^$(*&!(*&
  10. Are your palms sweaty or did you just lick every page? Ever get a book back that is like swollen, the spine all broken and it looks like someone sat on it, rolled over it and then peed on it? Yeah, obviously it was last read by a neanderthal.

Crimes to readers…

  1. Send them a text message that says “I can’t believe the author killed off the main character!!! WTF! This book sucks!!!” When they haven’t finished the book yet. You might no what book I’m talking about…yeah…
  2. Continue to talk to them, even though they only respond with “mm hmms” because they are reading. My husband is the master at this. I guess he has to be, since I’m always reading. How else would he talk to me.
  3. Give a spoiler in the first couple of sentences of a review. Yeah, thanks!!!
  4. Push back the release date of a book you are dying to read
  5. End the series in a really suck-ass way.
  6. Publisher/Bookselers say they are going to have a certain book in stock – and then there is NOTHING there. Boo!
  7. Promote a book as Young Adult horror and what you get is really Middle Grade Contemporary
  8. Tell a reader a book is free, click this link and the book is .99ยข – LIAR!


What do you consider a heinous crime?

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