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PJV Quickie: Kristen Higgins is a terrific storyteller; she tells a sweet tale that is in turns funny and bittersweet, and I know that once I open one of her books I’m going to be there for awhile.  Luckily for me I planned ahead and had a comfy chair and pillow nest to sit in while reading Waiting On You. There were a few spots I struggled with, but overall I enjoyed my time in Manningsport and am looking forward to visiting again. 


Colleen O’Rourke owns the local bar in Manningsport with her twin Connor. She enjoys working at her bar; she’s a ‘people person’ and unofficial matchmaker – she’s had several babies named after her in honor of her successful matches.   She hasn’t been able to make her own match though: she found her one true love as a teen and when he left her heartbroken 14 years ago she never really got over it. Sure she’s had some flings, but nothing serious.  Plus, she’s too busy worrying about her brother’s love life, her divorced parents fighting, and her step-mother’s attempts to turn her half-sister Savannah into a girly-girl.

Lucas Campbell grew up in Chicago, until his dad went to jail and he was sent to live with his Uncle Joe in Manningsport. Joe’s wife Didi treated Lucas as an inconvenience and Uncle Joe was a weak-willed man who let Aunt Didi run the house.  The only good thing in Lucas’ life was Colleen; she made him feel like he mattered.  He’s never forgiven himself for the last time he saw Colleen and how badly he’d ended things.  Now he’s back in Manningsport to take care of his dying uncle, and he can’t resist the temptation to check in on Colleen.


I noticed on GoodReads I’ve been giving this series 4 stars consistently, and that’s about right – Ms. Higgins is an auto-buy author for me and Waiting on You is full of the funny, awkward characters and situational hilarity that I love.  I could totally see myself living in this fictional town and hanging out with Colleen for Girl’s Night Out.

Colleen is funny and feisty and has the biggest heart.  She genuinely wants to make other people happy, but has kind of given up on her own happiness.  Lucas’ story was tragic in so many different ways; it’s amazing he grew into an upstanding, compassionate man. As both sides of the story unfold and we learn what happened, it’s impossible not to feel badly for them both; there’s a misunderstanding, and the events that follow are unfortunate and heartbreaking.  When Lucas comes back, the tension between them is wonderful.  Kristan Higgins writes wanting so very, very well.  One thing I was kind of frustrated with was the fact that Lucas didn’t come back at any point in the years he was gone when he had the chance; if his love for Colleen as ‘the one that got away’ was as great as it seemed, I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t at least check on her.

The side-stories running through Waiting On You were entertaining and I love the citizens of Manningsport; her characters are realistic and I found my opinions of certain characters flip-flopping as the book progressed – no clear-cut villains (except Aunt DiDi) and everyone has a story.  Ms. Higgins wrapped things up in a way that left me smiling and satisfied, and I’m already looking forward to visiting Manningsport again in the next book, In Your Dreams.

I always recommend Kristin Higgin’s books for readers who enjoy contemporary romance.  If you like second-chance romance and small-town settings with quirky characters and lots of humor, Waiting on You is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

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