FoolsChallenge April Fool's Challenge

Welcome me fools to DAY 5 of The Fool’s Challenge. You ready for today?

About the challenge… anyone can participate, you can do things any way you please. Link up your post below or not. Use the graphic, don’t use the graphic, it is up to you. Just do what I tell you to do each day as part of the challenge. Link ’em up if you want to have others stop by and check out your post.

Today is Day 5 – which means:

What characters do you secretly loath, but don’t like admitting because they are so popular?


Never much cared for these characters:

  1. Jace Wayland – Yeah he didn’t do it for me. I thought he was rather bullyish and Clary could have done better.
  2. Patch – How can you lust after a boy named Patch btw? Not to mention a grumpy, stakerish, fallen angel named Patch? Then pair him with the BFF Vee and poor Nora, she should just get some new friends.
  3. Mara Dyer – You should have let yourself unbecome…
  4. Zoey Redbird – Is the Anita Blake of the YA world.
  5. Wrath – Out of all the Black Dagger Brothers, Wrath and his self-loathing and whininess drives me crazy.
  6. Stefan – Sorry, I don’t really like him in the books and the series made it even worse. Team Damon baby.
  7. Bill – Out of all of Sookie’s lovers, I hate Bill. Hate him.
  8. Christian Grey – Needs to get imprisoned
  9. ……..



Hate any popular characters lately?

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