FoolsChallenge April Fool's Challenge

Welcome me fools to DAY 3 of The Fool’s Challenge. You ready for today?

About the challenge… anyone can participate, you can do things any way you please. Link up your post below or not. Use the graphic, don’t use the graphic, it is up to you. Just do what I tell you to do each day as part of the challenge. Link ’em up if you want to have others stop by and check out your post.

Today is Day 3 – which means:

You know you like books more then people, admit it! Tell us why.


This is why I like books more then people…

  1. I go to the book, the book doesn’t come to me, demanding
  2. When I don’t like someone in a book, I just close it and move on, if I don’t ever want to hear about that person again, I just never open that particular book
  3. Books don’t leave messes
  4. I get to choose what world I want to be in, there is no “chance” if I want to go experience Hogwarts, I just pick up the book.
  5. Books don’t judge.
  6. Books are interesting
  7. Even the dumbest person in a book is smarter then most people
  8. Books don’t smell like B.O.
  9. Books don’t jostle you in the grocery store
  10. A book will never flip you off while driving to work in the morning
  11. A book will not cheat you out of money
  12. A book will not steal your identiy
  13. A book will not spam you, only the book’s author
  14. A book will not email you and demand that you do this and do that
  15. A book takes money from you once and then calls it a day
  16. A book will never abuse you
  17. A book will not glare at you because they think you were mean to their cousin
  18. A book will not call you names
  19. A book will not turn you down
  20. A book leaves you smarter, most of the time
  21. While a book might piss you off, you can pitch it across the room and it won’t get up unless you move it
  22. A book will never grab your ass and say “nice rump baby.” And then expect you to be receptive to that come on. Men in books, at least the men in my books, would use much smoother lines
  23. In books, all the boys have six pack abs and smell like chocolate
  24. In books, all the girls are the greatest friends, are supportive and can kick major ass
  25. In books, the daddy’s are loving, if they aren’t, they’re dead or an evil villain
  26. In books, the bad guys is always caught in the end
  27. In books, there is usually a happily ever after
  28. In books, I know what to expect
  29. In books, the dialogue is always intriguing
  30. In books, the worlds are always maginificent
  31. In books, people die for a reason
  32. In books, when bad things happen, you learn from them and it makes you stronger
  33. In books, things just make more sense.



Why do you like books more then people?

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