Hey guys. This is a quickie. Because I had a really feel good BB101 planned for today. It was a strengthening community post (Murphy’s Law right? ) and I’ll post it next week, but the thing is, I woke up this morning and I had four kind of nasty emails in my inbox. On a singular level, each email was probably not that bad – but then when combined with my mood – they became really nasty. And taken all together I felt like someone had just crapped in my cheerios. Pardon the vulgar pun.

Now, if you have been following this blog awhile, you might realize that I’ve been doing this for a long time. I also go out of my way to do things to help out the book blogging community. Like these BB101 posts and I sit on boards for conferences I don’t even plan on attending, I help people put together awards, I offer my design services for free when there is a good book blogger related charity. I’m not saying this to toot my own horn, but I’m just saying, I’m not a book blogger that just sits back and doesn’t try to help out other bloggers. I don’t think I’m selfish. I try and help authors get exposure. I try and help other book bloggers get exposure. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else because my blog might get more recognition than newbie bloggers.

This being said, it really upsets me when people email me and tell me, I’m selfish, a snob and think I’m better then everyone else.

My initial response is to email them back with a even more vulgar pun then the one listed above.

So, I get an email from an author – because I didn’t respond to a review request – telling me that I have to respond to email requests, because it is my duty. And because I didn’t respond I’m ignoring them and think I’m  better then them…and now they are going to tell everyone what a jerk I am.

The next one was from a blogger who had petitioned me, about a month ago to “check out their blog” and give them design recommendations and because they were broke, could I maybe design the blog “in my spare time” and my reward would be that they would review my services. On their blog. And when I didn’t respond to that email, they emailed me back this morning, that they wouldn’t be using my services or following my blog anymore because I ignore people and my BB101 is a farce (yes a farce) and I don’t really help people.

Then, the next email was a blogger that did want to hire me, but I had obviously missed the email and a comment made on my blog. So, again this was taken as intentionally ignoring them. So, I’m mean. Mean.

Finally, I actually had a few of these, from casual observers of my NAUGHTY GIRL’S GUIDE post yesterday. Basically calling in my judgement of letting a blogger like the “author” post on my site. That this will give new bloggers the wrong impression, etc. etc. I’m lax in my responsibility as a book blogger role model…etc. etc. I suck. I have no response to this, only that a small percentage of the population of the world does not own what we call “a sense of humor.” I just don’t know why, if you don’t have a sense of humor do they have to PP all over my parade? Does it not register that it’s supposed to be funny? Is that it – it seems too real? Because then, I guess I did fail. *sigh* How do people like Stephen Colbert make so much money?? Well, I should probably not compare myself to Colbert – it’s probably because I’m really not that funny. Oops.

The first two emails, and the last ones, yup I was ignoring them intentionally. So is that mean? Maybe – but, really – do I owe anyone anything? Should I feel bad for not having the time to respond to every request that comes into my inbox. I literally get 400 average emails a day. About 300 of those emails are trash, just delete and forget, but about 100 need to be looked at, deleted, saved for later or responded to. I guess until I get a clone, I’m stuck being mean. Or I’m just making excuses.

I guess I’m writing this post, fishing for compliments. Or at least my subconscious is. But, I don’t want compliments. I want to know honestly, as a blogger with a sort of a well-known name – does that mean other smaller bloggers and authors are entitled to something from me? Should I stop what I’m doing when every request comes in? I really don’t think so. Even people that really need help, can’t always be helped. Because there is just not enough time in the day.

So, all I’m asking. If you are a start-up blogger and are petitioning help from a more established blog – don’t be upset if your email doesn’t get answered. Maybe say hi on twitter…there is usually only one of us behind the blog doing all the administrative work. Don’t ruin a bloggers day. It’s my freakin’ birthday week and I was having a good week, even in light of the recently busted knee and the sunburn…you see?? I was trying to be positive.

The point of this? As a book blogger, when you request things from other book bloggers – don’t believe you are ENTITLED to anything. With the stupid ARC requesting BS – and these few emails. All I want to do is bang my head and put another check in “Affirmation of Entitlement Society.”

I might be in a bad mood. I do really appreciate you guys. If I’m grumpy and offended anyone, next drink is on me.