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#Bitten Episode 11 | Settling

This episode of Bitten opens up with everyone “a little freaked out.”

Elena is shutting down, curled up in a fetal position on the bed in the opening scene. Phillip is not answering his phone and she is reliving her childhood trauma with the appearance of her child molestor, Victor Olson, out of jail and turned into a wolf.

Elena Michaels curled up on bed, grieving.

There are five threads in this episode. The first is Clay and Elena holed up in Phillip’s apartment, waiting for Jeremy and Nick to show up, so they can travel in force. Clay drops a bomb on Elena when he tells her about the discovery of the mutt’s hideout. He wants to put a stop to her desperate search for Phillip. Clay only wants to protect Elena, but he knows that if Phillip dies it will hurt her…

“They want the pack destroyed and they want you.”

He knows the best bet to protect her and Phillip is to get her to cut ties with Phillip and go back to the pack.

Clay insists on leaving

The second thread is Logan and Rachel. Logan is panicking. He has a few things to deal with, he wants to protect Rachel, from the mutts and he wants to stay with her, which he will not be able to do if he goes to Stonehaven and sticks with the pack. Two factions waring with him in his head, his love of Rachel and his loyalty to the pack.

Logan freaking out

Third thread is Jeremy and Nick back at Stonehaven, they are ready to leave and meet up with Clay and Elena but are stopped at the door by the Sheriff. They found LeBlanc’s prints on the body found at Stonehaven and he is a known serial killer. The FBI are coming in to search the property. This is an unexpected delay in their plans. Luckily, later on in the episode, word gets back to Bear Valley that LeBlanc has been spotted crossing the Canadian border, but the Feds still search Stonehaven and delay Jeremy and Nick longer. Leaving Elena and Clay stranded in Toronto.

The Sheriff visits Stonehaven

Fourth thread is a minor thread that focuses on Phillip, who is reeling. He knows there is something more between Clay and Elena, he also knows Elena is not telling him something major. He is a lot more focused on Clay and Elena’s feelings then he is by Elena’s supposed “crime” family connections.

Phillip is reeling

“It’s part of who I am and I need you to accept that.”

Phillip is having a hard time, which he should. There is obviously something major going on with Elena – and she refuses to tell him. Claiming “I just need you to believe me.” But, she refuses to tell him anything, to protect him. Phillip through this all still loves Elena, which says something, because frankly I would have told her “to get the fudge…” but he even goes so far to propose to Elena, once he processes what she tells him. Elena gives him no answer, just a “I love you too, I can’t give you an answer right now.” But, her first reaction is to go see Clay’s reaction. And he is handling it well…not what she expected, obviously as she grabs her purse and runs away to Logan – so she doesn’t have to deal with the two men in her life.


The fifth thread is the mutts. Olson and LeBlanc are acting like children, where Santos seems to be buckling under the pressure, with Marsten seeming to enjoy Santos’ obvious discomfort, goading him about his “dictatorship” goals. This interaction and Marsten’s obvious upgraded role in the series as the bad guy, makes me wonder if he will be forgiven later on in the series — if they have more of the series. He hasn’t done anything unforgivable, like Santos, Olson and LeBlanc, so I would think this option is still open.


Mutts are up to something!

They also show a clandestine meeting between James William and Santos, revealing that William is the one running the show, not Santos. William was the one that hired Phillip to do the vodka campaign (thread comes together now), showed him the vid of the wolves and then also was a patron of the art gallery that displayed Elena’s photography and the place Olson confronted Elena.

Back to Logan and Rachel, Logan, the educated man that he is, buckles under the pressure and his constant insisting that him and Rachel disappear, is scaring Rachel. Logan wants to leave the pack and hide from the mutts. And when Elena shows up, instead of offering her advice, he enlists her in helping her move Rachel along. But, Elena doesn’t want Logan to disappear, she tries to get him to talk to Jeremy, insisting that he will understand. Hoping that Jeremy will forgo the dusty scrolls and make changes.

“If we don’t change, the pack, all of us, we are going to die off.”

At the apartment, Phillip confronts Clay, he wants to call the police, or come with them when Clay tells him that the family is coming “to take Elena away.” Of course, Clay is not letting him, but he does it in a very thoughtful way, which shows again why Clay is awesome. He knows Phillip is hurting and is not making things harder, even though it obviously pains him. Going so far to claiming their love was a mistake, young and out of control and he wanted to keep her away from his families problems. *Sob!* Your love is not a mistake Clay!!!

Clay & Phillip discuss Elena

Then the attacks happen.

Marsten and LeBlanc hit Logan and Rachel’s condo, Olson and Santos attack at Phillip’s.

These are two very bloody battles, that break a ton of stuff…with the outcome leaving Phillip stabbed and dragging himself into his bedroom to hide. Elena shows up after the confrontation and changes into a wolf to protect Phillip, letting the pup out of the closet as she changes back to human. All very dramatically revealed in the opaque bathroom. Phillip is in shock, much like he is in the book. All he can do is stare at Elena in horror and I think realization hits her that there is no way back now.

The Fight begins

Logan is showing off his tight fighting skills though, back at his place as he ambushes his ambushers. Chocking both of them out…but not killing them. He unfortunately takes a knife to the chest, via LeBlanc and him and Rachel sneak away with the final words “you have to take me to Stonehaven.”


With Clay, Phillip and Elena, Elena leaves Phillip with the promise to call an ambulance and the words “In a better world, I would have married you. And we’d be together and listen to the rain and cry and have a happy ending. I love you Phillip, that won’t ever change.” It is clear there is no more Phillip and Elena no matter how much they both want it.


Elena runs out to help Clay and finds the syringe on the ground that Santos use to restrain Clay. He’s gone. The mutts have him.

Favorite Scene.

Elena’s change in the bathroom. It was done so well. Subtle and compelling and a little heart-wrenching with Phillip’s crazy look.

Elena Changes to Wolf

Least Favorite Scene.

Only because it was sad – but Clay’s insistence to Phillip that their love was young and stupid.


Detective work: There is no James William, werewolf, in the Otherworld books and the show has consistently stuck to the characters that Kelley Armstrong has created, even though she does change them up. There is not a James William in her stories. There is a Reese Williams, who is a werewolf and then of course William Cortez, sorcerer. Which I was thinking this might introduce the other races. If the series does sign for a second series and covers “Stolen” this guy in a limo could be Tyrone Winsloe. Or that could have been the guy that Phillip and his horny ex met with…who knows! I guess we’ll find out when the final episode comes out, which will be similar, but different then how the book ends.

What I’m wondering?
Will Marsten betray the mutts? Will there be an HEA at the end or will it lead right into a hopeful next season, like suspenseful series so like to do? Which could have Elena being taken right there…leading right into Stolen? There is no synopsis written for the final episode, READY. So is it dependent on picking up a Season 2. And if Space doesn’t pick it up — will that matter if Syfy does? Oh the politics!

Next episode Sneak Peek:

Devastated by Clay’s capture, Elena returns to Stonehaven, where she gets “the call” from Santos. He instructs her to meet with him alone or Clay dies. As Elena attempts to persuade Jeremy to let her meet with Santos, Logan’s car pulls into the Stonehaven driveway with Rachel at the driver’s seat and a severely injured Logan in the back. Jeremy jumps into ER mode to save Logan’s life while Nick calms Rachel’s frayed nerves about the “family business.” Recovering from the attack by the Mutts, Philip is interviewed by a Detective. Philip feigns memory loss, but then reveals to Diane he’s staying quiet to protect Elena and her family. Secretly, he has deeper concerns, which are confirmed when he realizes the white wolf in the Cherry Beach video is the same as the one who saved his life the day earlier. And all signs point to this wolf possibly maybe being Elena.