Feeling like your blog is in a slump? Tired of seeing the same old thing on your blog, but not know what to do about it? Well, you are in luck – here are some tips to freshen up your content and your look to make that old blog feel new again.

Blogging Tips & Tricks, Tips for Book Bloggers

  1. Change your look.
    There is nothing like getting a makeover to make you feel sexy again, why not give your blog a makeover? It doesn’t have to be a crazy – look at my new look thing. It just might be changing the background image.
  2. Spring Cleaning.
    Take everything off your sidebars and then put them back again. Anything you think that isn’t pertinent, throw it away. Stuff you NEED to have on there, put it back. You’ll be surprised at how many you get rid of, when you ask yourself – “Do my readers need to see this?”
  3. Change your review style.
    Always put a “quckie” at the top of your review? Or do you put the star rating at the bottom each time? Everyone has a reviewing style. Change it up. Maybe ask yourself new questions when you review the book, look at things from a different angle. It might change your perspective and improve your reviewing style.

    Keep it humurous.
  4. Add a bit of humor.
    Everyone likes funny posts. Maybe try inserting a bit of humor every now and again, a funny picture, or just a funny post in general. Share a fangirl moment, or a picture of you with a beloved author looking silly. Anything. You might show your personal side and shake things up a bit.
  5. Share something new.
    Stuck in cover reveal / review / meme territory? Change it up. Share publisher news, what you are reading posts, opinion pieces or just tell people about your life. Anything – just do something new.
  6. Brainstorm.
    Have an idea that you just don’t have flushed out? Take the time to brainstorm that idea. Grab a pen and pad. Go sit outside, or in a different area then you usually blog. Turn off twitter. Turn off Facebook. Put the book down – and think. Once you get basic ideas down, then get on twitter and contact a trusted friend and spin the ideas with them. You might be surprised at what happens.
  7. Throwback.
    Revisit old, popular posts and update them and republish. If a post is a couple years old, it is a good bet that your current readership hasn’t read it.

  9. Take on a co-blogger.
    Give a shout-out on the social web, asking for anyone who would like to guest post or join you in your blogging endeavors. A new voice can definitely make things fresh.
  10. Vlog.
    Scared of the camera? Don’t be! Even if you are nine shades of ugly, there are still uglier people making vlogs. And I betcha – you aren’t that ugly, you just think it. Stop being insecure and shoot a vid on your phone and post it. Just say hello.
  11.  Ask questions.
    Take a survey or ask a question in your post. Engage your readers and their answers might inspire and surprise you.

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity. XOXO

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