PJV Quickie: I was intrigued with this novel from the moment I read the synopsis. A blog about the zombie apocalypse. Nice! Wait do they have internet still? Suspension of disbelief aside, the book was rocking and kept me happy through the whole narrative.

Review: When the zombies come, I want Allison Hewitt by my side. Allison is a great character that just jumps off the page and becomes real as she narrates this violent zombie horror show. The novel starts out with Allison at work, stuck in the break room as the world decomposes. Allison is not alone, she is joined by five other people, each with their own fun additions to the story that kept things real.

The entire story is a narration by Allison as she shares her story on a blog that gets updated intermittently. I wouldn’t have thought that this was a very easy way to share her story, at some point the infrastructure was going to break down. Right? How will she charge her laptop, much less find internet to upload her stories and interact? But, the author manages to keep the narrative going as believable as that would seem, even in the later parts of the novel. It is what it is and that is why I mentioned suspension of disbelief in the quickie. It made for a boarder view of the zombie apocalypse, within a first person, diary style, narrative – that you wouldn’t find in other books of this type.

In a zombie novel, you usually have the broad sweeping narrative, with the omnipresent narrator that covers everything, or the “reporter” style narrative of events that happened in the past, then they have the narrative that covers small groups of survivors, you only know what they experience because the narrative is limited to the survivors in that area. With the blog style narration of Allison, you get a small group of survivors perspective, but she keeps in touch with the outside world via her blog. It is unique. If you are looking for zombies, with a different flavor –  Allison Hewitt is Trapped might be perfect for you!

With Allison as the voice of the whole story, she brings this tale to life and infuses it with passion and emotion as each story means something personal to her. It isn’t your usual zombie novel, I was skeptical at first…but this one did it for me. I’m a fan of Allison Hewitt.

Piper Goodeve was the narrator of this novel and she hit a home-run. She conveyed the perfect emotion of Allison Hewitt. I’ll be looking for more from Goodeve.

Recommendations: This is a PG13 zombie novel, adult oriented but this isn’t a Romance, even though it is hinted at and discussed. Of course, it is about zombies, so there is violence and mature themes.