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Holy werewolf teets, Bitten is heating up — and things are just getting good. The show opens up with Elena and Clayton confronting each other after their “hook-up” and subsequent Alpha order of Elena returning to Toronto with Clay as bodyguard.

Elena blames her hooking up with Clay as “wanting to feel safe” and not about a love connection. She is still holding on to her relationship with Phillip.

“Last night wasn’t a mistake for me, but I promise I am done hurting you. We go to Toronto I won’t do anything….{his voice catches} to undermine your life there.”

Elena the stone-cold biotch that she is, points to his wedding band and says “and that.” Making Clay move it to his right hand.


Bitten Episode 10, Descent, Clay removes his wedding band
Elena and Clay then go to Toronto, with the goal of confronting Logan and going to Elena’s show. Logan finally comes clean with the fact that Rachel is pregnant and his mixed feelings with leaving Rachel and protecting her from the threat that is at their doorstep.

Elena actually gives advice to Logan that he “needs the support and protection of the pack.”

Joey Stillwell shows up at the packThe plot deviation from the book is great in this one, even though the underlying direction is still the same. Elena returning to Toronto with Clay is in the book, but Logan and Rachel, along with the child abuser, Victor are not in the book. Not to mention the video of Logan and Elena running as wolves on the beach.

There is also a new twist as Joey Stillwell shows up, bloodied, covered in mud and asking Nick to come and rescue him. Jeremy is suspicious of his sudden appearance, but Nick believes his intentions are pure. Joey remembers little about where they were keeping him, but with a few clues they do manage to locate a general area and a location. Jeremy is still very suspicious — but Nick seems to be the level-headed of the two. And his trust does lead them to tracking down the location the mutts were holding Joey.

Back in Toronto, Clay and Elena are trying to sneak away to stay in a hotel when they are ambushed by Phillip, who insists that Clay stay on the sofa. Clay is trying to “get along” but Phillip actually seems like the more aggressive of the two. Clay of course doesn’t help as he tries to establish that he knows Elena a lot more then Phillip. The crack about the turkey bacon and “back home she can’t get enough of the real thing” was priceless. It is obvious that Phillip suspects that Clay isn’t a real “cousin” and that they were involved in the past. This is based on that image that he saw at Logan’s house.

Clay, Phillip and Elena Love Triangle

The triangle that is Phillip, Clay and Elena just keeps getting deeper. Clay is also starting to realize that Phillip might be more involved in the attack against the wolves then Jeremy suspected.

While in Toronto, Clay also looks further into the video that Phillip is using as a campaign promo. He discovers that the man that hired Phillip is also the same man that is financing Elena’s show. His first conclusion is that their is someone else involved in this whole plot and they are fixated on Elena.

Victor Olson & Daniel Santos

They still don’t know how deep that fixation goes though. And it is sick. There is a background battle going on between Victor Olson and Daniel Santos. Daniel seems to have the intention of keeping Elena alive for himself, but Victor, who has fixated on Elena as a predator would, wants to make her pay. In the book, Victor was just a child molester that was broken out of prison by Cain, but in the show, Victor was the man who molested Elena as a child. A backstory that was hinted at, but never discussed in detail in BITTEN the book.  Elena supposedly was the main factor in Victor’s imprisonment, her testimony. So, Victor took this as a betrayal. He actually thought Elena loved him, in her own victim way.

Victor Olsen and Elena Michaels

The moment Clay steps out to help Phillip’s sister, Victor makes his move and confronts Elena. Scaring her and bringing back the memories of her youth. He is there for a little shock and awe, to throw Elena off…and because Clay is being slut-jacked by Diane the sister, Phillip has to come to Elena’s rescue. And he  beats the crap out of Victor.

Diane is still keeping Clay busy as she makes not so subtle innuendos. He of course is not paying any attention especially as he notices Daniel Santos sitting outside. He should have killed him right there. But, of course – Diane can’t let her “prey” go and she follows Clay, when she walks up, Daniel is able to escape.

Clay and Elena quickly come to realize that they are being set up, the show was set-up just so Victor could torment Elena and probably so Phillip would come to suspect Elena. And it does its job. Elena is forced to “come clean” to Phillip. Giving reason to this recent series of events as the fact that there are people that want to hurt her family. She basically hints that her family “and all that they represent” are in some ways nefarious and she had no choice, because the family leader ordered it. We can only assume that Phillip’s assumption will be mafia. Even though Elena never says this.
She is still trying to recover her relationship with Phillip, saying “this life with you, is the one that I want.”

But, Phillip shoots back with:

“What about Clay?”

“Here in this moment, tell me honestly, are you done with him?”

Elena doesn’t answer.

Poor Phillip. Well not really. I’ve never rooted for “the other guy” as much as I do with this series. Terrible, I know. But, we know who Elena belongs with.

Back with the pack, sudden lines are crossing, with Logan, Nick and Jeremy.  Logan went back to the pack to admit his trepidation in returning was because Rachel is pregnant with his child. He has a heart-to-heart with Nick, again Nick is showing himself as a very capable Beta. Logan still doesn’t seem to be coming to a conclusion as to whether he will choose pack or Rachel. He is also as siting Jeremy with locating the mutts hideout and with a few clues, deduced by Nick, they finally find the warehouse that Joey was being held in. They find “mementos” of Daniel Santos’ kills, including Jeremy’s fathers ring.

Jeremy finds his father's ring

They also find images, of Elena…making Clay’s fears apparent to the pack. Daniel is after Elena.

The show ends. Freaky.

Favorite Scene:

Clay cooks Elena breakfast
Clayton is being the most awesome man on the planet and cooking Elena breakfast. This scene is straight out of the book. But, the focus was always maple syrup, if I remember correctly. In the show it was bacon. Turkey bacon. It was a great scene.

Least Favorite Scene:
I can’t say I had one in this episode.

Enjoying the series yet?? I Am!

The NExt Episode of Bitten

Sneak Peak, Bitten Episode 11 | Settling, Airs Mar. 24

Daniel Santos and Victor Olsen attack Clay

I’m assuming this is the episode where Clay will be taken. I’m so sad that we are now about 3/4th through the book!

Elena and Clay are holed up in Philip’s apartment while Elena attempts damage control with Philip. Philip is now aware of their past as lovers, but there’s something he doesn’t know (above and beyond the fact that they are werewolves)…she explains that their lives are in danger, feigning that she and Clay are part of a crime family at war. Meanwhile, with the Mutts closing in, Logan is terrified for Rachel and his unborn child. Unable to turn to the Pack, Logan tries to convince Rachel that they have to leave town. He wants to disappear until the Mutt threat blows over and he can reason with the Pack about taking the baby away from Rachel.