PJV Review: After the marketing of INSURGENT by Veronica Roth (at no fault of the author), only her publisher’s misguided interns – I put off reading this book for a long time. I was a fan of DIVERGENT, but that whole debacle turned me off from the series. Now the movie is coming out,  though,  I wanted to get back into the world. Honestly, I have to say, I was a little under-whelmed. I know boo….

Review: DIVERGENT ended with a bang and INSURGENT started up right where it left off…but didn’t really get rolling like I wanted it to. Roth’s pace and non-stop action was so good in DIVERGENT,  but then in INSURGENT she focused a lot of the emotional pull between Tris and Four and, pulling them a part because of emotional trauma (i.e. to up the angst factor).  It was like an {inset angst here} moment which I didn’t like. The whole world is coming to an end – and Tris is just completely broken, because of what she did in the first book. It was reminiscent of Katniss at the beginning of MOCKINGJAY. I understand why this girl is a big pile of Hot Mess – but does it make for a good read? Nope. It is boring and repetitive and it included a ton of angst as Tris pulled away from everyone and put up walls. This seemed to be written in to the book, to cause conflict with the love aspect, to make the teen readership all vaclempt. She might has well introduced a love-triangle.

It just smelled of author silliness, angst for the sake of angst sake, sugar coated with emotional trauma to perpetuate the drama.

The first book was just so MUCH, rough and tumble, happy initiation, fighting, kissing, discover and plot twists – I just wanted that in INSURGENT. It did finally lead to that and wham the book was back – but it was hard getting there. Maybe I’ve read too many YA novels with these silly romances, but sometimes enough is enough. And I thought this series was better then that.

As far as the plot, I like how things are unfolding and how deep the story seems to go. On one hand you have this HUGE world of dystopian goodness, the fighting between the factions, the conspiracies and the mysteries – all good – and on the other hand you have the smaller interplay between the main characters which brings it down to a tiny focal part. I like the big picture and the plot, even though at moments much of the conspiracies seem very contrived and cartoonish in the grand scheme of thing. The book is full of these schemes and evil recitations of intentions as the bad guys lay out their plan to the unsuspecting victims. I did like the plot twist, but it did lead me to guess at what was going to unfold in the last book. Which yes, I have read the reviews and I’m still up in the air as to whether I will read on in this series.

I’m sorry, I was completely under-whelmed. I hate when this happens in a second in series, it just ruins the awesome that was the first book. You can poo-poo on this review all you want, because again I am not of the majority in this view, most love it. So, read on fans…just don’t read too deep.

Emma Galvin handled the narration of INSURGENT, she is also the narrator of a PJV Fave – ENDLESS KNIGHT. Galvin’s voice is very YA and isn’t quite the tough chick voice I would expect of Tris – but really how do you convey this in a narration? It was a very good narration and she made the book a bit more exciting. I’m glad I grabbed this via audiobook, even though I do also own it in it’s printed form.

Recommendations: Fans of the first book should read on, also if you enjoyed books like UGLIES, THE HUNGER GAMES and other dystopian YA, you should enjoy this series.