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Sexual Abuse and Nerdfighters

There is a lot going on with a group called Nerdfighter / DFTBA  Records (Dont’ Forget To Be Awesome). Nerdfighter is a community that started with the Green brothers (VlogBrothers, The Fault in Our Stars etc). It is a group of Youtubers that revolve around the vloggers that started VlogBrothers, which just so happen to be John Green, author of a major YA book. Basically, a few of the members, that have gained popularity via Youtube, have been accused of sexually abusing women and some of these women are underage. According to online posts, Tom Milson, Alex Day, Alex Carpenter, Kelly Montoya, Tom Mclean, Danny Hooper, Mike Lombardo and Josh Macedo have had allegations posted about them.  Please take into consideration that these are just posts that accuse these men of sexual abuse, but they have started a shit storm of internet activity. Including posts by Maureen Johnson and by the Greens. In fact, the allegations have inspired Hank Green to take into consideration a few ways things are run in their world, make changes and he even donated money to stop sexual abuse. Sites like Nerdfighters not alone, have also sprung up to support women that have been sexually abused in this situation. This is truly a horrible situation and I hope that the women who were abused get their stories out there and justice is served if there were indeed crimes committed. I think we need to talk about things like this more often, so our girls can have power, power to know better, power to speak up and not be afraid and power to avoid situations like this.

The Amazon Bullery Fiasco Continues

Some  authors are claiming that Amazon is allowing customers to return their books, even though it is more then 7 days since they purchased those books, based on the argument that the author “Signed the Anti-Bully” petition.  The allegations arise just because of discussion posts that were made on Amazon and have nothing to do with Amazon in general. As a person that bought a book, you have every right to return it no matter the reason, according to Amazon. But, some authors are on the defensive and believe that there are groups of bullies out to get them – and Amazon is backing this group of abusers. Here is the thread that is making these authors get a bit paranoid. When you look at these two scandal posts back to back – I just want to shake my head at the whole situation….for anyone that has had to deal with abuse and bullying, this mess would be laughable if it didn’t hit so close to home.


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Blogging Inspiration – Getting Creative With Blog Post Ideas

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