You asked for it, so you get it! For April 1st will be hosting The Fool’s Challenge. An 11 day event of Foolish Interactions and special Fool for Books gushing extravaganzas. You ready for it?

Come back on April Fool’s Day…to take part in the fun.


  1. Play a book or blog related prank, tell us about it.
  2. Tell everyone about how big a “Fool for Books” you are.
  3. Be a “Fool for Books” discuss why you like books more then people.
  4. Most foolish act you have committed for a book…fandom or in pursuit of a new book.
  5. What characters do you secretly loathe? But, don’t like admitting, because they are so popular?
  6. What do you consider the most “heinous” crimes committed to books or book readers?
  7. Fun phrases and sayings you’ve picked up from books.
  8. Book’s you’ve read that have changed you mentally…
  9. What you consider are “serious” problems (in your reading life) but other non-readers would just think you are mental if you spoke them out-loud?
  10. The tropes you love – but have a hard time admitting to other book lovers.
  11. Which series are you a fool for? That you can reread over and over again and will always buy the next book, no matter how mental the author goes – or how strange the characters become?


Will you be joining this Fool’s Challenge?

THE Quickie How-To:

  • Come back April 1st
  • Post using the “post prompt” for that day
  • This challenge is to get you writing and have topics to post about on your blog – so don’t stress about the details. This is supposed to be fun.
  • Link you post URL to the link that I include at the bottom of each daily post
  • Visit the other blogs that participate and comment if you are feeling social
  • The challenge is consecutive, each day from the 1st until the 11th. Each day will have a different post prompt, which are listed above.
  • You can have your posts scheduled far in advanced, the only thing you will have to do is come back to and link up your posts – if you want others that are participating to visit. If you do not feel it is necessary, you don’t have to link up your posts. The level of participation is up to you.