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PJV Quickie: You guys, I just love Shelly Laurenston’s Pride series! Bite Me, the ninth book in the series, does not disappoint:  I loved Livy, the honey-badger shifter, and Vic, a bear-tiger hybrid; I thought they were perfect together.  I’m kind of picky about what works for me in Paranormal Romance, and Shelly Laurenston is one of those authors who nails it every time.


Livy Kowalski is a honey-badger shifter who loves fancy honey and breaking into her friends’ homes when she needs somewhere to crash. She’s not close to her family but is fiercely loyal to her friends. Although Livy’s family is notorious for their thieving ways, Livy is different – her best friend Toni convinced her to follow her passion for photography instead of following in her family’s footsteps. Things have been a little stressful for Livy lately: her dad just died, her awful cousin just got out of prison and has come to stay at Livy’s house, and she’s been asked to be a wedding photographer – a wedding photographer!  When her good friend Vic Barinov asks for her help going undercover to help with a case he’s working on, the last thing Livy expects to find is her father’s body, stuffed and on display in his honey-badger form.

Vic Barinov is a bear/tiger hybrid and freelance investigator.  He’s been asked to work a case finding the man responsible for running a resort that offers clients the chance to hunt shifters.  Vic knows Livy’s been having a hard time with her family lately, and when he finds out about her father, he’s there for her…because they’re good friends.  Now that they’re both working towards the same goal of catching the person responsible for the horrific death of so many shifters, they’re spending more time together.  But he’s been feeling protective, and missing her when she’s not there.  And when they find out just how deep and dangerous this case is, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.


First of all – I LOVE this cover!  I don’t know what it is, something about the blue eyes on the tiger and the man, maybe – it’s striking and it draws my attention. 

I would describe Ms. Laurenston’s Pride series as fun, sexy, and addictive, and Bite Me hits all three points.  There are so many things I loved about Bite Me that I don’t think I’ll be able to include them all here:

  1. I loved Livy and Vic together!  This is definitely a ‘friends-to-lovers’ story:  Livy‘s got a dysfunctional family and commitment issues, and Vic had a more stable childhood and the patience to let Livy work through her issues.  I love how when Livy gets stressed he shares his honey and his cabinets (you’ll get it when you read the book) with her. 
  2. Vic’s “partner” Shen is a panda who is constantly eating bamboo.  He’s also the perfect sidekick for Vic.
  3. We get to see Toni’s younger brother Kyle, from Wolf With Benefits again.  This young prodigy doesn’t have many scenes, but when he does, he steals them completely.
  4. Ms. Laurentston has written nine books in this series and they’ve all been characters I adore.  She brings so many of them back it’s like going to a reunion where only people you like were invited.  The different packs working together to track down the bad guy kept me entertained as each variety of shifter loves to annoy the other species.  I especially liked Livy and Vic’s families agreeing to work together.
  5. The writing is entertaining and outrageous and consistently well-done. While reading Bite Me, there may have been breathy sighs, awwwws, laughs and an “oh snap!” or two. This is a world I enjoy visiting and at the end of every story I’m looking forward to whatever comes next.

Ms. Laurenston writes books that pull off the triple threat of great characters, a good story, and sexy chemistry between her heroes and heroines.  For what it’s worth, I am somewhat of an introvert and so I don’t usually see myself in the kick-ass heroines I like to read about.  For some reason though, Livy was different and I found myself identifying with her character, which for me was a nice surprise.  

Fans of quirky, over-the top writing and sexy paranormal shifters will love this series.  I think you *could* read this one as a stand-alone, but there is a lot of world-building and previous character appearances that would make more sense if you’ve read other books in the series.

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