PJV Quickie: The second installment of the IN A FIX series was another surprise hit. I’m just fangirling all over this series. If you haven’t given IN A FIX by Linda Grimes a shot, you don’t know what you are missing.

Review: QUICK FIX starts again with even more awesome as we are back with Ciel and the sexy men in her life, Billy and Mark. The book begins with action from the onset, with Ciel on a job. She is posing as an aged Zoo employee, trying to prove that her boss is sexually harassing her when Molly, Billy’s little sister comes to visit and turns into an orangutan. Something that is not supposed to happen to aura adapters.

From that point on, Billy and Ciel have to figure out how to turn Molly back into a human, hide her condition from their family and yes, figure out an attempted murder plot with Billy as the main suspect.

QUICK FIX was fast paced, thick with intrigue and hilarity as everything played out. I actually was laughing out-loud as different wacky events happened and Ciel got herself in deeper and deeper in a mess she didn’t expect.

The best part about this series is the paranormal element. Ciel is an aura adaptor. She can take on someone’s aura and become them, even with their weird quirks. QUICK FIX explains more about the ability and goes into detail about how one can use this ability to do more harm then good. It really is a unique idea and Linda Grimes does a wonderful job in flushing out this element.

Then there is the romance. There is love triangle. The triangle is made with Ciel, her best friend Billy and her long time crush Mark. Ciel and Billy are beginning to explore their budding relationship in Quick Fix, but Ciel is still unsure about it. She knows that Billy is quite the ladies man and doesn’t want to ruin their relationship with just a fling. But, Billy seems committed to Ciel and I think his attitude toward her is very charming. I like Billy a lot. Then there is Mark, who is the dark and mysterious one of the bunch. Mark is a CIA agent, good-looking and Ciel has been crushing on him since she was a teenager. He begins showing interest in her once Billy and Ciel begin dating, which I think is deplorable. Stick with Billy, Ciel….who needs Mark. Even though Ciel is unsure if she can trust him.

The boys bring out this crazy dynamic in the book, they are both overprotective and part of covert agencies run by the government, so they always know a lot more then they can tell Ciel, which is frustrating at times, but leads to a believability in the novel. Grimes does it really well, making me as a reader to become frustrated at times, but still enjoy it.

Overall, QUICK FIX and the IN A FIX series is a unique urban fantasy series that I can’t get enough of. Two words, fresh and fun can be used to describe both books. There is nothing out there like these books…a

Recommendations: For fans of Urban Fantasy with a fun, quirky tilt, you’ll enjoy QUICK FIX. I recommend reading the first book, this is not a stand-alone, even though you could keep up without reading the first.

In a Fix