This episode of BITTEN was a very tense episode. There are a few plot threads going on in this episode, including the inclusion of Logan’s thread again.


The beginning of the episode covers The Pack and their preparation for the fight with the big bad, Koenig. Nick and Jeremy are training, Clay and Elena are training and everyone is just all fired up to kick some Koenig Boo-Tay. According to the pack, Koenig is the psycho of psychos and especially tough to put down. When the actual fight does finally happen at the halfway point of the episode, it was rather disappointing because Koenig just yapped a lot and then basically ran away…playing hide and seek with the pack.
With the culmination being a bit of surprise. Jeremy lets Koenig take him and almost kill him and Nick steps up to the plate with some sweet moves.

Nick again is showing his alpha tendencies, which is so different from the book – but I like it!

Nick takes out Koenig

The crazy part about this scene is that Amber goaded Leblanc into taking things into his own hands and he decides to hunt down Elena while Koenig is fighting Jeremy. Even though both Santos and Koenig wanted him far away from this showdown. With LeBlancs appearance it separates the pack. Leblanc, the piece of shit, actually hunts Elena with a gun and she cowers the entire time under a car while she fights a fear induced change.

Leblanc attacks Elena Michaels

I wanted her to fight back a bit better…but it shows her girly side and forces her into the arms of Clay.

Clay & Elena, Elena is almost killed

While this scene is playing out, they cut back and forth to the secondary thread, which was Logan’s story and his preparation for the birth of his child. Rachel and Logan get confirmation during an ultra-sound that the child will be a boy, Logan’s face was priceless.

Logan finds out it is a boy

You could tell he was both excited but then scared to death as he realized the ultimate implications of the situation. Logan’s thread crosses with Phillips, when Phillip confronts Logan about seeing Elena’s clothes in the video. He really thinks Elena was boinking her cousin on the beach…

Logan reassures Phillip that he and Elena only went for a swim, nothing more – but on leaving Phillip sees the picture of the The Pack and notices Clay. You can tell alarm bells are going off. What self-respecting male wouldn’t be a little insecure if he saw “his” woman sitting by Mr. Big Tough and Wofly.

On leaving, Logan notices a present on his front stoop and in it, is a rattle with “It’s a Boy.” Rachel and Logan have not told anyone about the child yet, so this is obviously not exactly a good omen. Obviously there is someone watching Logan, even though Logan isn’t putting 2 and 2 together.

More deviation from the book occurs with the little psycho slut Amber (don’t judge, they called her a slut like 5x in the episode), who is all distraught over Cain’s capture and assumed death. Santos locks LeBlanc in a cage after he returns from hunting Elena. Santos is very angry, he wants Elena alive, he has some sick obsession with her. But, then he leaves and Amber is the only one with LeBlanc, so they quickly make a deal – she’ll let him out, if he bites her. Who could refuse? Amber and LeBlanc are now the perfect couple, crazy and set on revenge.


Intense right?

And it just gets better.Back to the Pack where Elena is FREAKED out about LeBlanc almost killing her and the fact that she stopped the change. Her almost death has her spooked but her change that stopped is also a matter of worry. She would have died if she hadn’t stopped it, she knows this and it is making her face some pent-up feelings. So what does she do?

She hooks up with Clay. FINALLY!!!!!

Elena and Clay finally hook up

In some intense smexy-time, with some nice well placed knick knacks for ultimate skin showage. Can you say – HOT? But, it wouldn’t be an Elena/Clay moment if it didn’t lead to some angst. Elena sneaks off in the morning and gets a message from Phillips sister, telling her that Elena has a show for her photography, so she needs to come to Toronto.

When Elena tells Jeremy, Jeremy insists that Clay go with Elena, with Elena trying to keep Clay away. Phillip being the main reason, of course. Clay overhears the whole conversation, deducing that Elena is still holding on to Phillip, no matter the hook-up of the previous night. It seems to hurt him, more then anger him. I wonder if they’ll play up the understanding Clay that made an appearance in the books at this point.

But on to more disgusting topics…

In a gross turn of events, one of the last scenes is completely horrifying, so you have sexy-time vs. gross-outs galore, as Amber is shown morphing into a werewolf and kind of failing. Making this weird keening noise as she lumbers around all Night of the Living Wolf.  Half-wolf Amber is hideous. Blargh…wonder if she’ll make it? That would be a crazy twist. But, who cares about Amber – I’m just freaking excited that Elena and Clay are finally going to Toronto! But, also sad because I know that we are entering the final chapters.

I can’t wait to see how they bring this all together.

Great episode!!!!

Favorite Scene:

My fave scene was when Koenig and Jeremy were fighting and the final ending with Nick taking lead and killing Koenig. I like how Nick is so much stronger in the series, where he was more a lapdog in the book. I think he’s a very sexy character and Jeremy is setting him up as the next alpha. It was a great moment.


Least Favorite Scene:

I enjoyed this whole series, but was a bit freaked out with the Amber scene. I don’t like how she’s turned into this Amazonian, revenge fueled…widow. Her bite was horrible and that transition scene was enough to make me feel a bit nauseous. It was good, but I had to have a least favorite moment.

Amber goes wolf

Next Bitten Episode Sneak Peak:

Elena returns to Toronto for her photography show with Clay at her side as protection (by Jeremy’s orders). She is surprised by Philip, who knows her relationship with Clay is deeper than she’s confessed in the past – curious to get to the bottom of it, Philip insists Clay stay with them at the apartment. As the two men sniff each other out, each with their own agenda, Elena tries to prevent her two worlds from colliding. At the art show, Elena is blindsided when Victor Olson, her former child abuser, shows up. Even more terrifying, he’s now a Mutt. Philip, already loaded for bear, steps in to protect and defend Elena’s honor, taking out all of his frustration and rage on a seemingly helpless Olson. Outside the gallery, Clay confronts Santos, threatening to kill him and end the uprising in its tracks, when a horrified Diane interrupts. Santos manages to escape just as Olson flees the gallery. The evening ends with Philip demanding the truth about Elena and Clay’s relationship. When she reveals that they were former lovers and had been engaged, Philip storms out and Elena feels her worlds imploding.