PJV Quickie: Gena Showalter’s Alien Huntress series is one of my favorite Science Fiction Romance series and top of the list of Showalter’s creations. The audiobook was a great interpretation of this sexy introduction to Showalter’s aliens.

Review: AWAKEN ME DARKLY is the first in the series and does quick introductions of this crazy world where aliens run amoco among humans and there is only one agency to protect humans from these aliens. They are the Alien Investigation and Removal agents. Mia Snow is one of those agents, her job is to rid the world of the alien scourge that has infiltrated the human race. Her job is to hunt down aliens that break the law and execute them. They are evil and they need to be put down. When a string of murders points at an alien killer, Mia is on the case with her partner Dallas, but the chase blows up in their face and puts Dallas in the hospital, on the brink of death.

The only one that can save Dallas is a very sexy alien named Kyrin en Arr. Kyrin is an Arcadian and known for their very deadly “gifts.” But, his kind can also heal and Mia needs him to save her partner. Of course, his help comes with a price and Mia might just give in to his needs…or maybe hers and in the process learn a little bit more about aliens and herself along the way.

Smoking hot and ridiculously out the box, this is Showalter at her finest. At her peak. Mia Snow is kick-ass and Kyrin is ridiculously alpha and mouthwateringly sexy in his alieness. Yum . Yum . Yum . Need I say more?

The cheese factor is up a notch, as is the usual case in this crazy, hugely broad worlds of paranormal and scifi mania – but it is a fun cheese, we don’t expect these aliens to be real life, we just want them to be el smexyfied! And that they are.

Justine Eyre does the narration and kicks it up a notch with her very smokey voice that has Mia Snow written all over it. If I was a boy – Justine Eyre would have me smitten just by saying — Chapter 1. I’m not overly impressed with her boy-voice, but I give her some credit, she does it well enough to not pop me out of the story.

Recommendations: This is an adults only read with a very sex filled agenda. Romance in it’s finest. R rating, not for innocent eyes. Fans of Kresley Cole and Sherrilyn Kenyon, why haven’t your read this series yet?