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Book cover love – check out The Academy of British Cover Design Winners. Aren’t they beautiful (and not a “girl in white dress” in sight).

World Book Day was March 6th! Check out Writes of Passage – “young people and adults nominated the books, that have rocked their worlds, to help us create the ultimate list of 50 BOOKS that will change YOUR life and keep you reading.” Not many surprises on it – The Fault in Our Stars, Harry Potter, Divergent and The Hunger Games – all make an appearance.

David Walliams overtakes JK Rowling among readers in UK schools. “Gangsta Grannies are now beating Harry Potter at the library issue desk, research shows.” I had not even heard of “Gangsta Grannies” before, but I am so in love with that book series title!

Is there a rule book on etiquette or anything that book bloggers can reference? Everyone has their own way of doing things, and there really is no right way or wrong way. Just whatever works for you.

Comparing Books to Other Books – do comparisons bother you, especially when the books aren’t really similar? I can see how irksome it can be – especially when you loved one book and this new book not only doesn’t compare!!!

When Books Make You Angry – what does it for you? For me, it’s the damn cliffhangers. I CANNOT stand them. I firmly believe a book in a series should be a complete story in and of itself, and it should not end in a “to be continued” manner.

There Is Reading, and There Is Looking at Letters is one of the most thoughtful responses I’ve come across to the app Spritz which is about to go public with Samsung’s new line of wearable technology. It basically allows you read a novel in under 90 minutes. “Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with reading faster, there is something off-putting about the idea that reading is a thing that needs to be optimized.”

Am I the only person that enjoys seeing books recommended by authors I like? Author Karen Marie Moning’s Top Ten Fictional Heroines has some good choices, like The Khaleesi from A Game of Thrones – love her fight!

The Best Books for Readers in Every Divergent Faction is a fun feature and it’s interesting to see the books chosen for this list. Why not come up with your own faction reading list recommendations!

Size Does Matter … or does it? Do you only buy paperbacks or hardcover? Consider the number of pages before reading a book? Have the same size grouped together in your bookshelf?

Best YA Heroine: Katsa v. Miranda v. Karou? I’m so torn between Karou and Katsa – but I’m thinking Katsa for the win … Karou is a bit of a softie at heart.

International Women’s Day was March 5, 2014. Who are some of your favorite female authors? Check out this author profile – Margaret Atwood: A Primer .

I so wish teleportation was already developed and it’s just one of the 5 Science Fiction Predictions We Wish Had Come True.

What Does the Bookworm Say?: Booktube – are you into it? I’m not but it seems there is a burgeoning community there.

Have you hear the Game of Thrones Mixtape yet? It’s called Catch the Throne. And here’s another one for you – Literary Mixtape | The Stand (by Stephen King). Love the cover art too!

In Defense of (Bad) Fantasy – Part One looks at fantasy books on 2 “worst” lists, and finds there are quite a few that he enjoyed. Just goes to show – someone’s most awful reads can be among our favorites and vice versa.

Bookish Chat : What do you do when you don’t feel like reviewing books? Hmmm …“I often hear people talking about ‘me books’ or ‘pleasure books’.  And I know exactly what they mean, they are non review books.  Books that people bought or borrowed or were given or won with absolutely no requirement to review them.” I didn’t realize that book bloggers separated “review books” and “books for pleasure” – aren’t they supposed to be one and the same?! We could also all do as Lauren did if you’re feeling stressed out about reading (which shouldn’t happen) – I’m Reading What I Want.

5 Novels We Wish Would Become TV Shows includes Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and some other interesting titles. I’m not sure I agree with all of them though – what say you?

How to Survive Being Unable to Buy Books 2 words – library 🙂 Or use a friends library login info, so I can get eBooks and audiobooks from her super awesome library. No fines, so it’s a safe bet.

Keeping Up With the “Jen”s-es made me smile. Quite the cautionary tale.

So You’re Going to BEA (Book Expo America) For the First Time? Some ideas on how to survive and enjoy this bookish trip to the fullest. My advice – pack comfortable shoes because there’s going to be lots of walking involved.

10 Great Gifts For Grammar Geeks has some really sweet suggestions including a mug that I have my eye on

What do you think about Author Alter Egos? When you learn about an authors pen name, does it inspire you to go read the books under their other name?

To celebrate International Women’s Day which was Saturday, March 8, 2014, here’s 30 Inspiring Non-Fiction Books All Women Should Read and 30 Books Every Woman Should Read by 30

How do you feel about Changing older ratings?


Anne Rice is at it again, this time petitioning Amazon to force reviewers to reveal their real name. This is supposedly to avoid bullying and trolling, calling it the unmasking of the gangster bullies of Amazon. Here is her facebook page promotion of the topic. The fact that everyone seems to be talking about Anne Rice, even on the national news channels – conveniently lines up with the announcement of her next book… Prince Lestat “a sequel to The Queen of the Damned”. I thought that was Tale of the Body Thief, but what do I know.

After collecting 50K to make his comics into a book, Webcomics artist John Campbell got so aggravated about his “backers” asking for the copy of the book that he burned the books and then blamed capitalism. Then he pulled all his comics from his web page, went home and pouted. But he kept the 50K.


Blogging Inspiration – Building An Audience & A Community

How To Build A Following Of Customers From Complete Strangers is a very in depth article on engaging with your readers – from creating compelling content to interacting with them on social media.

5 Ways To Lose Your Minion Devotees shares some of the things the “Notebook Sisters” find irksome. Is replying to ALL comments on your blog that big of a deal? I don’t do it – but will always visit the blogs of people that commented since I want to know what YOU are writing about. For me, keeping it on my blog makes it all about me, and not enough you 🙂

How to Get More Blog Traffic, Part 2 offers tips that you’ve probably seen before, but bear repeating. Find a community – go to where your readers hangout. Nobody will promote your content like “friends” or people who you engage with constantly (and in case you missed it, Part 1 of How to Get More Blog Traffic).

Let’s Discuss: Getting Engaged … engaged with readers that is. I particularly like the last point – “Be memorable.” This can be for anything from the type of content you post being unique like “Manicure Monday” at Nite Light Book Reviews. I love her series hard – and I can’t even do manicures – but it’s just beautiful art and memorable since she’s inspired by books. Or Novel Meals, where she cooks a dish mentioned in her current read; or my Digital Lifehacks series. Experiment.

#BB101 – Must Read Book Blogger Checklist for an Awesome Blog has some a LOT of bullet points for you to consider when writing posts for your blog – and when blogging in general.

Seven Ways to Increase Comments on Your Blog has some very practical advice to help you generate discussion on your posts.