PJV Quickie: Obviously I didn’t read the blurb well enough on this particular book to realize it was a Historical Romance, because, yeah I wouldn’t have purchased it. You know me, not a big historical fiction fan, especially historical romance/erotica. But, I’m glad I did, because this was a sexy and emotional read that I normally wouldn’t have expected in a menage novel. Overall a hot little number, with good writing and a strong plot to carry it through.

Review: THE COURAGE TO LOVE is about Kate Collier who was widowed and forced to be a mistress for the nobility and wealthy men to see herself through life. Her last “man” was a vicious one and used and abused Kate, basically forcing himself on her as party entertainment. When friends of her husband, Jason and Anthony return to London and look Kate up, she is standoffish and reserved, she isn’t the Kate that they fell in love with and swore to return to when they heard of her husbands passing. They know it will be tough going, but they have dreamed of marrying Kate and having a family with her – even if it is rather unconventional how they plan to live.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not that big a fan of historical romance. This is mainly because the women are so restricted, I can’t get into the stories. I find it almost distressing how terribly boring their lives must have been and the overbearing nature of the men in that age isn’t something I would like to read about. But this wasn’t like that at all! The characters in this novel were quite different, probably stemming from the fact that this novel isn’t that historically accurate – but it made things enjoyable. Kate was strong-willed and independent. Jason and Anthony were sexy and lovable characters. I thought their pursuit of Kate was sexy and enjoyable to read. I also thought the side discovery of each other was also sexy and romantic.

Sexy and written well, what more can you ask for in a good erotica menage story?

Recommendations: You don’t have to be a big historical fan to enjoy this one, but you need to be into menage romances, since it is very prevalent in this tale. Highly sexually oriented, so this is Adults only, Rated NC17. There is m/m romance and m/f/m sexy time. Enjoy.