Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.

Now a lot of you think The Kindle Worlds idea is more WTF then IWTS. But it sometimes gets a little crazy up in that Kindle World…

For example:

For only .99¢ you can experience The Vampire Diaries: Professor Damon, a Scream at Whitmore College


In this fan fic bit of awesome you will get to experience moonlighting as a college professor to get closer to Elena, in the author’s own synopsis he:

Unseen Forces and Strange Dreams

Damon has explored many parts of the World during his long stay in it, and he has found himself fighting many supernatural foes, but now he wants to enroll in a private battle. So he signs up for a stint as of all things, a Professor in classes being offered as special credit. In this way he hopes to begin efforts to be closer to Elena, who he feels he might have already lost forever. He would like to in the mean time experience college life for himself. But Damon, well he is unique in more ways than one, and as a Vampire, he finds himself up to his eyeballs in something he should know everything about, blood!
Now, Damon was dreaming, or at least he thought he was. Never mind that dreaming was something he had done so very little of, he could count the number of times. But as he waded into this situation, his thoughts were of Elena and Stefan, and even of Katherine. He found himself mentally trying to escape this adventure, but something with a supernatural force was tugging his whole being into it.
His life had been violent and some would say a real horror, so would his dream be the complete opposite, beautiful and sweet. But with Damon, really, what would seem nightmares to many, these were only intriguing mysteries to him. That made him ready for anything which was thrown at him, but when he found himself in this situation, he suddenly was at the point of screaming for escape!


For $3.99 (what a deal!) you can purchase The Vampire Diaries: Ensnared (Kindle Worlds) (Twisted Web)

Kindle Worlds WTFWhich just sounds like another episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – nothing new, except maybe with a little less skills. It’s the $3.99 that is more the WTF part of this.

When Katherine implicates Stefan, Damon and Elena in her scheme for power, Damon gives himself one mission: to keep Elena safe. However, he must struggle against the guilt and shadows of his past to escape Katherine and protect Elena against the hidden dangers of a world that threatens to tear them apart. Drawn together in the fight for their safety, Damon and Elena’s flourishing love must stand the test of betrayal and sacrifice if they ever hope to be free.

What about this one:

For $1.99 you can have a Stefan Time Machine! The Vampire Diaries: What Could Have Been (Kindle Worlds Novella)


Because why not just have a supernatural “entity” offer Stefan a new chance with Elena…

Stefan makes his choice, but he has no idea the danger that’s about to be wrought upon the unsuspecting residents of Mystic Falls. Due to the time reversal, the memories of their previous lives have been wiped and the town has assumed the name of Fell’s Church. Though inexplicably drawn together, their altered destinies may cause dire ramifications throughout the world–even severing the threads of time itself.