Bitten | Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 8

An emotional roller-coaster, is the only description for Episode 8…


We begin with the Pack reeling from Antonio’s death and trying to handle Jeremy’s injury. They quickly realize that his addled healing is because of poisoning. Frantically both Elena and Clay begin trying to figure out what poison is killing Jeremy. Elena begins searching for the mutts and the mysterious girl that stabbed Jeremy and Clay sets out to torture the information out of Cain.


The episode is ripe with emotional tension as Elena and Clay work in two separate directions, but technically together to find a solution, butting heads the whole time. As Clay worries about Elena out searching for the mutt, he also has to come to grips with the torture of Cain.

Cain is an enigma in this episode, at first he was depicted as shown in the book, big dumb and dead-set on destroying the pack. But, with the introduction of Amber, the girl that stabbed Jeremy, the show is giving Cain a lot more depth and with this addition of Cain, it also throws into light the understated tension between Clay and Elena. It was implied in the book and done through inner-monologue, but the show put forward this Cain thread and I have to say, it was a masterful job.

The question of course…

Why did Clay bite Elena if he loved her?

He knew there would be a chance that she would die, a HUGE chance. Cain refuses to bite Amber, because he would rather take the chance with a human then risk his life for her to become a werewolf, even though she wants it. His reluctance and her acceptance rock both Clay and Elena’s world.

Clay, because he realizes that Cain joined this attack so he could protect his girl, all he wanted for her was to be safe. It makes things much harder as he has to torture and kill him, especially as it seems that Clay starts to respect Cain the more the talk. But, e can’t just let him go, he has to pay for Pete’s death, which Cain admits to. As Cain begs not for his own life, but Amber’s life – Clay is left with some tough decisions and some even harder emotional questions. He’s being forced to confront his bad decisions with Elena and then the possible death of Jeremy, whom he views as a father figure. It puts a few things in perspective.


Elena’s thread plays out with Elena searching for Amber, tracking her down to the trailer park and then finally to the diner. At this point Elena finally confronts the mutts on her own, not on purpose, she is shanghaied as she talks to Amber. This is technically the scene in the police office in the book, but it rolls out in the episode, via the diner. Thomas LeBlanc sits down next to Elena as Karl Marsten admits he is only there for territory. Just a pawn. It ends with LeBlanc getting his arm broken and quickly admitting he used Ricin on the knife. This leads to Elena hurrying back to Jeremy and giving him the blood transfusion he needs.


In the usual Elena style, she is also being petulant because of Amber and Cain’s relationship. How Cain refused to bite Amber because he loved her. She still believes that Clay chose Jeremy over her and risked her life because of that choice.  What becomes very obvious in this episode though, Elena is still in-love with Clay, even though she is hurt by his actions and Phillip is becoming just a side-thought.

Speaking of Phillip, his thread is becoming more complex as the reason behind the “wolf vid” is played out. During reviewing the vid with his ex-girlfriend, Phillip spots Elena’s clothes and recognizes her necklace that he gave her. Connections start to come together in his mind and his first conclusion is that Elena is having an affair. He knows she goes out there to run with Logan and now believes that she is having an affair with Logan. Having sex in the woods. I’m sure this thread will become even more complex as Phillip tracks down the videographer and realizes that he wasn’t there to film beach sexy-time…but werewolves. It speaks of what I have believed this whole time, the show has a lot more in store for Phillip then just bleeding out on the floor of his apartment.

The final thread we need to talk about is Nick. Nick who is showing off his balls in this episode. His father is dead and he is now expected to step up to the plate. And he does…in a very sexy way. Jorge Sorrentino is introduced as a current member of the pack. A wolf that isn’t in the inner circle, but technically a member of the Pack. Nick calls in Jorge to fix Antonio’s death and make him disappear. At first Jorge treats Nick like a little brother, until Nick shows a bit of dominance. Yeah, it was kind of sexy.


Overall, crazy, emotional episode, with a lot of Season long threads starting to come together. From what I can tell there are only five episodes left and the threads are going to start going back on track with the book after the next episode. I’m very excited…even though I’m kind of sad that in a few weeks it might be all wrapped up.

Can you tell I love this series?

The final scene almost threw me over the edge, wrapping up the entire emotional conflict between Clay and Elena in a nice split decision….forcing me to scream in my head: “Get over it Elena and just get it on with Clay!”

Clayton Danvers, Elena Michaels


“You were right, he loved her more then life.”


“You can hate me for biting you, but how we got here, doesn’t matter. We are who we are, Elena, right  here, right now  in this moment. What we have between us is the real thing or it’s not. You decide.”

Favorite Scene:

This was a hard choice, but I have to say that I liked when Nick asserted his dominance. The whole episode was angsty, so the cut to Nick was a nice reprieve, with a bit of sexy-time. I also really liked how they changed up Cain, I actually liked the main and regret what Clay had to do…even though I have a sneaking suspicion he might not have killed him. He might have just cut off something kind of special.

Least Favorite Scene:

This wasn’t a scene per se because I actually liked all of them. It was more a critique of the editing. What was going on with the transitions in this episode? A few of the scenes just cut off. This was the most obvious with the diner scene as Elena confront Amber.

Next Episode Looksie:

Vengeance (from IMBD)

The Pack comes together to take on the notorious ex-Pack enforcer, Jimmy Koenig (Mackenzie Gray), who has been hired by Santos to kill them. As they move to intercept Koenig in a derelict factory, Clay and Elena must find a way to bridge the emotional gap between them over residual resentment about the bite. At the closed airport, the Pack battles Koenig. Elena is separated from the others and is trapped by LeBlanc, who has come to kill her. She evades him in a nearby parking lot, but is shot and wounded in the shoulder before she manages a daring escape. Meanwhile