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The Nook Color isn't selling...

As Barnes & Noble Nook revenues slide 50%, the company says it’s launching another tablet. I have the Nook and I bought it over a Kindle and continue to buy books at Barnes & Noble over Amazon because I’d really like to see the last major dedicated bookseller succeed.

2013 Nebula Nominees Announced – where my fantasy and science fiction loving peeps at?! I’m only heard of 1 title in the Young Adult category and read 1 of the Adult books.

2013 Stoker Final Ballot (Horror) has been announced. I love that father and son made the list with Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and NOS4A2 by Joe Hill. Winners will be announced in May.

Bookbridgr: A New Online Resource for Bloggers looks really interesting. “It allows book bloggers to request upcoming titles and exclusive author content directly from the publisher.” Currently only available to residents of the UK and Ireland though.

All the Surprises (Both Good and Bad) From This Year’s VIDA Count takes a look how many men were represented in the most influential literary journals each year vs. women. Some publications are doing better this year while others, like McSweeneys, are still clinging hard to keeping only old-white-dudes “eating a food” as we say in Jamaica, which basically means – they want to keep them paid, and a big F-U to women.

An Epic Chart of 162 Young Adult Retellings is … epic! Do you enjoy modern day retellings of classics? What are some of your favorites. Hasn’t Cinder by Marissa Meyer just turned you out?!

Do you continue on with a series even when you’re not enjoying the books? Musing By Moonlight ponders Abandoning a Series.

Are you a One-Sitting Reader? I’m not. I can read for 5 minutes or 5 hours, but I don’t like to take a really long time to read a book. I find that even if the book is decent, I don’t enjoy it as much.

Is it possible to find a book interesting without actually enjoying it? This is a tough question – all I can think of are books I enjoyed with main characters that I didn’t like. What about you?

How Do You Organize Your Goodreads Shelves? (Specifically “TBR”)? Mine is really more a record of books I want to read, that are set internationally.

I never get tired of seeing Problems Only Book Nerds Understand – #618 “I’d Rather Be Reading”. Also, ain’t this the truth – “You Can Travel Anywhere & Never Be Alone”: Why We Love Being Book Nerds. Plus, here are 5 Things I Love About Book Blogging from Amanda @ On a Book Bender. What do you love about it?

7 Absolutely True Facts About Book Nerds

Reading puts my imagination into overdrive – me too!

Do you Have Trouble Reviewing Popular Books? Do you find that you don’t really have much to add to the millions of opinions out there already? There’s a support group for that … I kid! But you can commiserate with Ashley.

A Calendar of Blogging Feel Goods is an awesome way to look back at a blogging year – and check out the end to see a kick-ass way to define “blogging success”

Don’t Be That Commenter … the spammer, the one upper, the editor etc. But sometimes I really think people should just mellow out about “types of comments” that they get. Just delete what you don’t like and keep it moving.

I love the Tech Meets Books series at Crazy Red Pen (love that blog name too). She makes fantastic wallpapers with quotes from her favorite books. The latest one is from Tech Meets Books// The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.

And from me this week – If You Like Doctor Sleep … Recommendations For Books With Talent Stealing Bitches and Dropping Everything to Read The Nebula Award Nominees (Fantasy & Science Fiction).

Book Blogger, The Book Nympho  spots look-alike covers some from the same cover designer. Is this fair to the author? Check out her WTFeck post.

Quickie Links:

Jennifer Lawrence, star of The Hunger Games makes another Oscar faux pas – with a fall on the red carpet. We still love ya, Jen!

FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY sells 100 Million copies.

GalleyCat publishes a 10 Common Blog Mistakes InfoGraphic

Author of Hush, Hush, Becca Fitzpatrick signs deal for stand-alone YA thriller.


Joe Nobody, an author, proposes a question on KBoards – “Should I go after the reviewer?” Yes, he has stalked a certain 1-star reviewer, finding out his real name and now wants to sue him for what he believes are 23K in damages. Read the break-down here.

Blogging Inspiration – Time Management & Scheduling

Each week, there will be a different topic that features helpful posts about blogging.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 7.53.24 PM

On the PJV we use the Editorial Calendar plugin.

Editorial Calendars: Discovering What Works For You – here’s a method that works for the author. Just wining it daily is too stressful for me, so I also like to plan out my posts in advance (even if I don’t actually write them all at that time). I Use Evernote As A Blogging Calendar.

How to Blog Effectively When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed – “Find 5 things you can do right now.”

Your To do List Doesn’t Forget offers some tips on effectively using a “todo” list. This is another method that could be useful for blogging as you could break down tasks for the posts you have to write, and check things off as you go. For example, take a picture (or save image) for the post, write a review, post idea – write a post on todo lists 🙂

The Myth of Creative Inspiration: Great Artists Don’t Wait for Motivation (They Do This Instead) – “In other words, if you’re serious about creating something compelling, you need to stop waiting for motivation and inspiration to strike you and simply set a schedule for doing work on a consistent basis. Of course, that’s easy to say, but much harder to do in practice.”

Tell Me Something Tuesday#46: So You Want to Be A Blogger Edition: Things I Wish I Had Done At The Beginning is more applicable to book bloggers. There are a few things on this list that I need to do as well (like create an alphabetical “book discussion” index).