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Cats and books

Ernest Hemingway was so well known for his cats, they nick-named a type of cat after him. The many-toed polydactyl cat.

Why are most book lovers also cat lovers? And when I’m talking cat lovers, I mean, cat obsessed? Hello, Hemingway…and does anyone happen to follow Lauren deStefano on Instagram? Yeah.

cats and books

This is Jack Frost the latest addition to our home. Jack is our second cat, third pet.

No one wants to believe that they will become that old person, alone with a pile of books and twenty cats…but are we destined for that outcome? It would seam so. And I’m not pointing any fingers, here. I myself is just as guilty.

Please meet Jack Frost, the newest addition to our family. We found him last weak, in a nearby park’s staging area. He’s deaf, so how could we not adopt him? As you can tell he’s made himself at home.

So what is it with books and cats?


My theory? Frankly, as book people, we are inherently outside the normal range when it comes to enjoying social interaction. The technical term,  introvert. We would rather curl up with a good book, then go out and talk to people. This becomes more and more intense the more books we read. This is based on the fact that the majority of the people out there do not measure up to the characters in our books. Characters in books are the people we like, so therefor, why bother with the idiot masses when we could experience happy people in our books? Yet, as human beings, we are social creatures – so we get cats. Cats are much better then people and give us love and emotional support and sit on our books while we read to give us company. Who else does this for us?

cats reading books

Of course psychologists and random internet reporters disagree with me. They actually believe it is an Internet Phenomenon and not just a bookish phenomenon. Jordan Shapiro via Forbes went as far as to say “If you want to be an Internet superstar, you’ll need a cat.” Is that all it is? We, as bloggers, have to showcase our cats so we can become Internet Rock Stars?

I don’t believe this is it.

Flickr - schmuela - IMG 7156

Ancient Egyptian reliefs in Edfu Temple via wiki commons. The cat was known as “mau” and worshiped by the Egyptians and was a sign of grace and poise. The goddess Bast was the cat goddess and represented protection and fertility.

I believe it goes further then that. Please refer to my first example, Ernest Hemingway. Who went so far as to protect his cats in his Last Will and Testament. That has nothing to do with the internet and our human nature to protect round headed beings with big eyes. If that was the case, we would have alien memes that we thought were cute. And aliens freak me out.

I think it all has to do with independent thought, the pursuit of knowledge and the cat’s base nature. We as humans anthropomorphize cats to represent these qualities because of their habits and behaviors and have been doing so for thousands of years. So, people that pursue these qualities also connect with the cat.

It is said that cats were domesticated 10,000 years ago, so humans have a very long relationship with the cat. No matter how furry they are, or how big their eyes are, which speaks to our inner nurturer, cats by nature are independent and speak to the feminine side of us. And I think that is the back-bone of most of our obsessions. Dogs might be loyal, but really – they run up and befriend anyone that gives them attention. There goes my dog right now trying to lick the mailman. So, making a dog your friend isn’t that hard. But a cat. Now that takes a bit of work, because they choose you…and frankly, doesn’t everyone want to be chosen? We all want to feel special. And a book and a cat, well that makes us feel special. Pair that with the cat’s independent and almost scholarly nature and we feel especially awesome to have an intelligent animal choose us to be it’s friend.

What do you think? Do you have any cats?