#Bitten – Stalking
Season 1 Episode 7

These episodes are getting more and more intense. In Stalking it opens with the core pack still trying to figure out what is going on. They’ve now established that Daniel Santos is behind all the attacks and there is an all out war directed at the pack. There is no reasoning with them, the only option is to take out the opposition. Kill the mutts.
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Daniel Santos petitions the pack for a meeting and the pack tries to scout so it will be better for them, but the mutts are one-step ahead. They double-cross the pack and set up a trap, which leads to a lot of blood-shed and the final culmination is another pack death. The death lines up with the book, but the events in this episode are “extra” as far as plot. Understood since they are stretching out one book into a full season of episodes.

It was a really bloody episode. There are fights between Clay, Elena and Cain. There are also fights between Antonio, Jeremy, Santos and Thomas LeBlanc, which leads to the mutts stabbing both Jeremy and Antonio. Finally, at the end of the episode there is the final show-down between Cain, Elena and Clay, which leads to the capture of Cain. It was a great scene, with Elena kicking serious ass. This was my favorite scene, even though most of the episode kept me on my toes.

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It was highly action packed and a bit of a tear-jerker as the pack is faced with another heart-break.

I can’t even say how exciting this series has become, the only other television show that I get so worked up about is THE WALKING DEAD and BITTEN matches that one in both emotion and, while not quite as violent, still has some good fight scenes. Added plus is the sexy time and the romantic dynamic between Elena and Clay, which they don’t have in TWD.

Bitten Watch-Along
Speaking of romantic happy parts. Elena is still standing strongĀ  against Clay. She tells him in a sad scene that she didn’t come back because of his phone-call, but because of Stillwell and Santos.

STOP LYING ELENA. We know you love yourself some Clayton! Which is evident in the way she is quick to jump to protect him.

Side plots. Phillip is still looking for the owner of the film that caught Elena killing the coyote. He enlists his ex-girlfriend to help him find the owner and she is a cookie. The hot nerdy type and she obviously wants Phillip back. She does track down the film owner and Phillip gets the rights to use it in his advertising campaign.

The next side plot is Logan and his girlfriend and their pregnancy. Logan is in pre-baby bliss and is obviously trying to sort out his loyalties. If it sticks by the book, relationships are not allowed and once a woman becomes pregnant it is expected that if it is a boy the pack member must take the baby and raise it alone. If the baby is a girl, they are abandoned. It is quite obvious that they are sticking to this thread, because Logan insists that the baby will be a girl. This is most likely hope on his part, if it is a girl, it will be one less guilty disloyal action if he stays with his girlfriend.

His conflicting feelings also come into play as the pack tries to get in touch with him and he continues to ignore the phone calls. Finally answering when Jeremy calls, but lying and saying he’ll come home, but then telling his girlfriend he’s not going anywhere.


Finally, the body of the missing townie is discovered with his throat cut and it is obvious that Clayton is the number one suspect. The sheriff visits Stonehaven right after the bloody knife battle and Jeremy has to fake it with her as his side bleeds and he tries to cover it up. Cool and collected, but it takes a lot out of him and after it is done, Jeremy collapses. It is obvious that something is seriously wrong with him and it’s not just a knife wound. The previews to next episode give away that the mutts must have laced their knives with poison. Poor Jeremy. I know he HAS to make it, but this deviation in plot is making my palms sweat.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable episode and in NO way boring. Holy werewolf balls!

Favorite Scene:
The final scene between Cain and Elena is my favorite scene. Elena was awesome and kicked some booty.

Lease Favorite:
Again Phillip tops this chart with his little interaction between nerd hottie, all to track down this youtube video.

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