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You get the last 2 weeks in one since I was missing in action with last week’s post. Here ya go.

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Blogging Inspiration – Growing Your Blog

Each week, there’ll be a different topic that features helpful posts about blogging.

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Scandalous Scandals

  • John Green, the author of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, is being grumped at because of the fact that he has testicles. Okay, more PC, he is getting negative reactions because a lot of people feel that the reason mainstream media outlets latch on to him is because of sexist reasons, that his books are sexist and he is only popular because he is a man. Much like the fact Nicholas Sparks is so revered in the romance genre, supposedly because he is a man.  Check it out for yourself.
  • So they have this thing called Autharium. Basically you upload your self-published masterpiece and they have a team of editors check it out and make it perfect. But – if you look into their TOS – you might be surprised to find out that by doing so you sell your soul to them. Okay that was a bit dramatic. But, you sell your rights for your lifetime + 70 years. Nice right? When they were called out for this they then began to backtrack and do some crazy things. It’s all broken down here…much better then I could put it. Word to the wise. You might want to stay away from this particular service…and always read the FINE PRINT peeps.
  • In a wonderfully IN-YOUR-FACE-I’M-AWESOME move, author LJ Smith, the original Vampire Diaries writer, publishers her “fan-fic” for the CW’s show, via Amazon Worlds – and it is topping the charts. Smith had been “fired” from her series by the publisher, because she was actually one of those writers that was “hired” to write a series, based on an idea by Alloy. So, they hold the rights and can then fire you. Well, now Smith is churning out “fan fic” that is selling like hot-cakes. Who doesn’t believe in happily-ever-afters? Read the low down here.