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PJV Quickie:  A STUDY IN SILKS has the crime-solving abilities of Sherlock Homes, the romance of a Harlequin, and a setting more magical than any high fantasy novel.  This is a book that will attract readers from a multitude of genres.

Review:  The plot of A STUDY IN SILKS is a spiderweb of peculiar characters and deceptive hobbies.  There’s not a single character within these pages that doesn’t have a personality, background, and an impact on the outcome of the story.  Victorian London in A STUDY FOR SILKS is not a friend to magic-users or inventors.  Both are seen as threats to the people currently in power.  Luckily, not only do we get to witness acts of rebellion from the characters, but also scenes involving the steam barons who hold the reigns of power.

The amount of sub-plots scurrying around can be quite overwhelming.  It often took a few paragraphs between POV switches to remember who is involved and what is at stake.  However, the beauty of the descriptions lured me despite the confusion.  I haven’t found characters so jarringly unique in a long time.  My favorite, of course, is Dr. Magnus.  Despite the obvious evil lurking in his shadows, he’s charming and mysterious.  Even as I continue the series, I think about him most of all.  I suspect (hope) he will make a reappearance, despite what happened in this book.

I must admit that the scenes involving Sherlock Holmes were devilishly delicious.  He’s completely intolerable in the presence of other people with his quirks and brutal honesty.  Although the famed Sherlock Holmes makes an appearance, the true crime-solver star of this novel is Eveline.

Romance is plentiful.  It’s rare that I find a love-triangle that doesn’t have an obvious answer.  Eveline finds her attracted to two men, but the problem is that romance isn‘t feasible with either guy.  It’s dangerous for her to be attracted to them, though in two very different reasons.  Nick is her childhood friend, who shares a dark secret with Eveline.  He’s the reason she came to Victorian London prior to the start of the novel.  Tobias is the son of the wealthy lord and high above her social status.  Call me crazy, but I was hoping Eveline would hook up with Dr. Magus when he offered her a place with him.

Not only is Eveline involved in a love-triangle; Tobias is as well.  He’s expected to be with a certain young lady for the sake of his title.  Imogen, sister to Tobias and best friend to Eveline, has her own romance blossom in secret.  Romance lovers have nothing to complain about here.

I’m giddy writing this review, since this has been the only thing keeping me from starting book 2.  At 549 pages, it’s not a quick read, but A STUDY IN SILKS is well worth the time.