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PJV Quickie:  CRACKED is a YA paranormal non-romance that delivers a snarky narrative and a villain you just can’t help but love.

Review:  I get weak at the knees when an author decides to give me a chapter or two from the POV of the villain.  Eliza Crewe gave me an entire book written from the POV of a bad girl.  Meda is a half-demon, who actually acts like a demon and not some tormented love-sick puppy.  *glares at certain other YA books*  She eats the souls out of people.  She’d rather flee than fight.  She has a very loose moral code and always thinks about what’s best for herself in the situation.

The absolute best part about her is that her narrative is snarky and sarcastic.  Meda’s narrative is like overdosing on chocolate.  I feel guilty for loving how offensive and non-caring she is about the people around her.  Her narrative is choppy at times (nothing pretty), but it works for the story.  Be prepared to do some smiling (for the humor) and eye-rolling (for her antics) while reading this book.

I am not sure if Meda is capable of love (don’t buy her a puppy), though it is surprising that romance is nearly non-existent in this book.  It’s a rare thing for a YA novel.  Considering that this is the beginning of a series, I’m pretty sure that Meda will eventually get someone to crack that icy heart of hers.

Meda’s addictive attitude carries the novel, since the plot ends up on a fairly predictable path.  It’s a gritty and sarcastic path, but predictable.  I wish the ending was stretched out more to allow character depth of the other bad guys.  It’s hard to get to love the other characters (both good and bad) when Meda honestly doesn’t give a crap.

If you’re more on the market for a paranormal with breathtaking descriptions, complex setting, and a swoon-worthy love affair, then you might want to skip CRACKED.  Check out the sample available on Amazon.  It gives an accurate idea of what the narrative has to offer for the entire book.