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Overall I was underwhelmed with this episode. Mainly because Elena spent most of her time in Vancouver, playing human. As you might have realized from this watch-along, don’t really like Phillip much, not because he is a bad guy…but because he’s not Clay. But, boy does this show push the Elena and Phillip story-line, pushing this epic romance between the two of them. Showing them having sex all the time. Blarg.

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This episode was also completely off the book. Nothing that happened in this episode I remember from the book.

This episode reiterated two things, which are an overall theme of the series. Pack life and human life.

This episode showcased the baser nature of pack life, while portraying human life as happy and fulfilling. The episode shows Clay and Jeremy as the pack and their opening scene is the two of them being confronted by a mutt at their front door, a mutt that wants to challenge Jeremy’s rulership. The mutt in question is introduced as Samuel Boggs, son of Henry Boggs. {See my gif sequence} These characters are not from the book. Clay then protects Jeremy, but Samuel is not deterred, claiming “rights” to challenge the Alpha, which leads to Jeremy showing off his skills.

The Pack - Bitten Episode

This also leads to Jeremy really showing himself as Alpha. Ordering Clay

“I want to make an example of him. I want word to get out that if you come at me there will be serious consequences.”

Clay is reticent, but Jeremy is insistent that this will hopefully get the mutts in line.

Another plot thread is Nick. Him and Antonio have been on missions for Jeremy, doing some digging with the other “American families”, which I’m assuming are other packs (this isn’t from the book), but trying to maintain secrecy. They don’t want news of the attacks getting out so they will not appear weak.

Nick’s plot thread has him finding Dennis Stillwell in his home, dead with his eyes ripped out. Dennis and Joey Stillwell are introduced in-line with the series, but they have minor parts in the series, only appearing in SAVAGE and ASCENSION, with a large role in FROSTBITTEN (which is where Dennis dies). They are former members of the North American Werewolf Pack, both in the books and the show. IMDB has an accredited role for Joey Stillwell, played by¬† Elias Toufexis, but only shows him in one episode, so his role will also be minor, it would seem.

Nick’s thread is there to show that Marsten is being credited with isolating the pack and killing off their allies. Marsten is also credited with sending the mutt to Stonehaven. At this point, the pack believes that Marsten is behind the hostile take-over that is in the works.

Now, for Elena’s boring thread. She’s in Vancouver, attending a wedding. She does boring things with Phillip, like pick out wedding gifts and get her make-up done and talk Phillip’s sister out of having hysterics before her wedding. In the book, Elena would have been rather uncomfortable with all of this, but in the show, she seems fine. That is until Daniel Santos starts showing up. Then she lets the wolf out a bit.

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Pair this with a very touching, yet gruesome scene…Clay calls Elena after Jeremy forces him to rip the teeth out of Samuel Boggs mouth. Clay is covered in blood and obviously upset about his actions. {See my wonderful gifs} He pleads:

“I want to be a better man, Elena. I need you. Please come home.”

It is unknown if this is what moves Elena to return, or the fact that she finds a “present” that Daniel Santos left her, with Jeremy’s name on it. Finally, Elena, takes action and abandons Phillip at his sister’s wedding.


The present is confirmation that Daniel Santos is behind the attacks, because it is Dennis Stillwell’s eyes.

Again, overall not much happened in this episode. You have a lot of human moments. Logan finds out him and his girlfriend are having a baby. Phillip getting Elena to move in with him. Which I’m rather excited about, because I can’t wait to see Phillip and Clay interact. That will be the high-point of this season if they have Clay go back to Vancouver with Elena like they did in the book.

My favorite part of the episode was Bloody Clay. My least favorite part was the whole “sister is on anxiety pills” thread, where the mother of Phillip was being all critical and causing the sisters to have hissy fits.

On with the show wolves…the next episode is titled Stalking and hints at some much needed violence. The preview shows a lot of fighting and hints at Antonio’s demise. We’ll see…loving all over this show though. All the episodes can’t be perfect.