This episode of Bitten was a little laid back. The pack is still mourning from Pete’s death, but they are now having to deal with the town suspicions as a local, Michael Braxton, shows up missing and all leads point to Stonehaven and Clay.

This episode was momentous in the fact that they showed a ton of back story about Clay and Elena. The episode flip-flopped from the present day to the past. The police looking for a body, to when Clay and Elena met and fell in love.

Elena & Clay Origin Animated Gif

I really liked how they did origin aspect. This is the good stuff that wasn’t covered in the book. From BITTEN the book, you knew that Clay and Elena met during a lecture he gave at Elena’s University, but little else. But, they gave you a little more with this episode. And when I say …. a little more …. the series really went all out. They have this scene where Clay and Elena hook up in his office and it really is touching. Clay is at a loss for words as he tells Elena he has feelings for her. It was so sweet.

Ridiculously touching. Was almost in tears, because it is Clay and Elena.

And then they start banging on the sofa. Wow. It was rather intense. Cute boots on Elena though. And damn was it hot. It just went from touching to TOUCHING.

Then it went on to explain how Clay actually went against Jeremy, bringing Elena to Stonehaven and what pushed him to bring Elena into the pack. Yes, it showed the BITE scene.

Elena and Clay bite scene

They did it so well. Is it okay? Can I continue to gush? This post is a day late because I had to digest and rewatch this episode. Clay and Elena are one of my favorite couples and to see them portrayed in this fashion is very exciting.

On a side note, the plot thread in which Logan and Elena were filmed in Vancouver is now coming to light and Phillip is involved. The client that had requested Phillip to promote his Vodka wants to use the film of Elena and Logan in the woods as marketing. The Vodka is called Hunt, so the wolves are fitting. Personally, I think this tie-in is rather weak and a silly part of the episode. So a major Vodka distributor would use grainy, phone taken video to promote a new label? This was the only part of the series that I’m not enjoying and I believe it is there to bring Phillip’s involvement more drama and maybe extend his character.

Luckily there wasn’t much of that though and back to Elena and Clay’s origin story. Which, did I mention that it kicked-ass?

Her change. Two words: well done. The wolves might be kind of cheesy when they run, but Elena’s first transformation was perfect. It also conveyed how Elena felt betrayed by Clay’s bite. And how from then on their relationship has been rocky.

This is also the episode where Daniel Santos is introduced. This is also expanded from the book, his character is just as slimy as I imagined. He wants to open a dialogue with the pack, exchanging information for pack status. His conversation made specific points to throw blame on Clay. Which Elena, in her current state of mind is also willing to blame Clay. She believes that all of this is Clay’s fault and the fact that she is there and dealing in death points directly at him.

The episode ends with her leaving and telling Jeremy not to call her again. Ever. It was really emotional.

Favorite Scene:
Elena and Clay in his office. They are packing up and Clay looks like he is about to cry because he doesn’t want to leave Elena. Loved it. I think it summed up Clay’s personality perfectly. This great big man, but when it comes to Elena he is just this big softie. The whole episode did this beautifully actually.

Least Favorite Scene:
This whole episode was great, so I’ll just have to go with the Phillip thread. I do not like how they are expanding his character. It makes me think that they are going to keep Elena and Clay apart a lot longer then they are supposed to be.