Hey! You came back. That is awesome. Are you ready to keep going? Or wait – are you just getting here? That’s no big deal – just start now. Or do two posts in one day. No biggie. It’s only 5 days of posts, no big commitment and we get to talk about the “good stuff.” We are only on the second day.

So, what do you have to do? Nothing big – just take the day to day challenge. Post the challenges on your blog. And then come here and link up your posts. In that linky thing at the bottom of this post. Now you just have  to read through my post…

Day 2: The Hottest Scene you have ever read in a book.

You would think this might be a hard question. But, it’s not. It is really really easy…..

Chapter 32, Night Huntress Series, One Foot in the Grave

 The quote above is actually from Chapter 31 – the lead-up to Chapter 32. But if I quote Chapter 32 it would be really explicit…

So — What is The Hottest Scene you have ever read in a book?