Book Blogger Love {Feb.1 – 7, 2014}

Bookish Community Links

The Potterdom was all abuzz this week with news that J. K. Rowling regrets pairing Hermione and Ron in an interview to appear in the February 7th issue of Wonderland, an international magazine spotlighting visual culture. I say who cares – what’s done is done. Although a Harry and Ron pairing – now THAT would make things interesting!

The Top Five Things I’ve Learned Through Book Blogging @ I Swim for Oceans details some of the things that’s helped her stay in love with blogging after a long hiatus. Numero uno -”If you don’t love it, don’t do it.” Amen I say!

Teri @ Starlight Reviews creates amazing wallpapers for her laptop using images of book covers and quotes from books she loves (Book Chat: E-book Library Tour). This is one awesome way to keep showing love to bookish favorites, so I’m so stealing this idea and making some wallpapers for my Nook too.

With the unfortunate death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman a lot of fans of The Hunger Games have been a little vapidly focused on how the movie people will film the final installment of the ‘Mockingjay’ Film. Hoffman played the Head Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee who has a very prominent roll in the last movie. Breath easy though, because the NY Post says “Editors will use computer graphics and camera tricks — instead of rewriting the script”


Book Inspiration

Libraries were getting some love this week with 5 Awesome Things Your Local Library Offers @ Semi-Charmed Kind of Life and 5 Things I Love About the Library @ On a Book Bender. I would never read so widely if it wasn’t for libraries, plus that’s my primary source for audiobooks. Thankfully my library system is P.D.A (pretty damn awesome // pretty darn amazing) – how often do you check out books from the library?

How Many Books Is Too Many? asks Pamela at Reading is Fun Again. I can only divide my attention between 1 or 2 print / ebooks at a time and 1 audiobook. Pamela is listening to 3 audiobooks and reading 2 physical books – all at he same time.. Too many? For me it would be.

Have you checked out 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime, a List from the Amazon Editors yet? I like this list because it’s not just classics. I’ve only read 7 titles, with a few more in the works. Surprisingly, although I’m not a huge fan of definitive lists like these, I think I might actually try and read all the books – over like 10 years or so. Does it count if I only watch the movie for a few of them? Like The Book Thief and The Fault In Our Stars?

And finally, from moi, over at Girlxoxo, I shared Blogging Gadgets {Behind the Scenes – The 2014 Edition} and 3 Easy Steps (and Apps) To Taking Beautiful Pictures For Your Blog With A SmartPhone.

Blogging Inspiration – Finding Content for Your Blog

Each week, there’ll be a different topic that features helpful posts about blogging.

I like the ideas @ The Crazy Red Pen in Finding Inspiration for Blogging. She finds that reading a variety of blogs and magazines helps fuel her with fresh ideas for The Crazy Red Pen. How do you find inspiration for your blog posts? In Content Week: how to consistently come up with great post ideas for your blog, Darren also mentions finding motivation from other bloggers, plus social media, your own content, check your comment section etc.

Sarah Von Bargen highlights 3 Clever Things To Do With Old Blog Posts, one of which is to put it in a different format. Have you ever thought of making a video or podcast of your old posts (and reviews)?

75 Content Starters for Any Industry @ Moz says “turn to the resources around you and realize that you can create exceptional content with what you already have at hand.” Their ideas break down into the following categories: Individual Achievemet, Tools, Lists, Internal Resources, Industry, Events, How-To’s etc. It’s not specifically blogging related, but very applicable – I came up with quite a few ideas while going through this list..