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PJV Quickie: Misbehaving is a short, sexy read by an author better known for her darker, kinky stories.  I was surprised at how light and fun it was and had to check the title page to be sure I had the right book!


Beatriz was a freshman in college with a crush on her sister’s  boyfriend’s best friend, senior Ben.  On graduation night, she threw herself at him and he turned her down – gah!  It’s five years later, and now Beatriz does a weekly column reviewing sex toys and books.  Her sister is getting married (to the same boyfriend from college) and Beatriz is traveling to the wedding. At the last minute, her boss tells her he needs a new column written ASAP, so she grabs a review book off the table and heads out, not realizing she’s grabbed a sex-position manual.

Ben is a groomsman in the wedding, and when he hears Beatriz is going to be there his ears perk up – he had a thing for her in college but did the “nice guy” thing and didn’t act on it.  When Beatriz asks him for a favor, he’s happy to help her out – for research purposes, of course *winks*.


Even though I knew going into it that Misbehaving is a contemporary romance, I guess I still expected some of that delicious darkness that Ms. Reisz writes – and it wasn’t there.  Misbehaving is unexpectedly fun, and overall I enjoyed it.  Ms. Reisz did a wonderful job of laying the groundwork for the story and giving us layers of backstory in a short amount of time, which is sometimes tricky to do without losing the reader.  I liked Beatriz and Ben, and definitely rooted for them as a couple, but they seemed to be missing that certain something that makes me fall in love with fictional couples.  Maybe it was how they talked through the sex in an almost clinical way? I know they were reviewing the book but it still felt a bit stiff *snickers*.  I also liked Beatriz’s sister and her fiancee, but I really didn’t buy the misunderstanding, so I was a bit frustrated there, although I do understand that as a retelling of Much Ado About Nothing, it had to be so.  Overall, the story was cute and I had fun reading it.

I have to add that Keaton the bellhop absolutely stole the show!  I would absolutely love is she did a collection of short stories about other couples with Keaton as the common thread.

This is not your typical Tiffany Reisz book, so if you’re expecting a story with the feel of The Original Sinners, you’ll be disappointed.  I would definitely recommend Misbehaving for readers looking for something light and sexy (don’t confuse “light” with “no sex”, because there’s plenty of that), fans of second-chance love, and story lines that involve misunderstandings.

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