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I would also like to introduce the Parajunkee’s View new position of Bloggerista. The Bloggeristas will be our roving reporters, scouring the web for news just for you!
The point of Bloggerista News is to showcase different BUZZ around the Book Blogger world. Anything from just GREAT posts written by great bloggers, to scintillating scandals of nefarious natures and even a bit of craziness happening in the publishing world. If you have a TIP, you can submit it anonymously in the sidebar form.
Our Very First Bloggerista is:
Tanya Patrice

Tanya Patrice is a – 30 something // avid reader // runner // hiker // road bike warrior // wife // step-mom of 2 boys (14 & 9) // food scientist // food quality control specialist // upstate NY dweller but firmly rooted in the Caribbean sand & sea (from the island of Jamaica).

Author Spotlight on parajunkee.com

Every Friday we will be featuring an author in our AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT. If you are an author with a published or soon to be published novel, you are more then welcome to sign-up for a spotlight. You can either email me or just fill out the form.

We have added a few new reviewers. Just a few. Please welcome to the ranks of the PJV:


Lizzy Lessard

Lizzy has an unhealthy habit of picking the wrong guy in love triangles, preferring a well-crafted villain over a well-chiseled set of abs, and delighting in book endings that are more bitter than sweet. Somehow Lizzy balances working from home as her husband’s dispatcher while protecting her home from a terrorizing toddler. On the off chance that she doesn’t have a book in her hands, you can find her creating her own fictional fantasies. You’re welcome to stalk her at Lizzy’s Dark Fiction or on twitter. Lizzy hails from Lizzy’s Dark Fiction



Ren is a girl with a never-ending, constantly growing to-be-read list. She has a pile of physical books that she bought with the intention of reading “one day”, and the pile, if laid end to end, measures over 9 and a half feet. Ren also has a nasty habit of cheating and reading the last few pages of a book while she’s still in the middle. Ren is a Potterphile and a Library Professional, and if it were real, she’d take over the Hogwarts Library in a heartbeat.
Ren hails from Novel Concepts
Anila Two words can describe Anila better than anything else: “bookworm” and “Dracula”. Anila loves reading, writing, eating and of course she is Dracula’s number #1 fan. You always find Anila daydreaming in a dark corner, while looking out the window. Anila hails from A Writer’s Dark Corner

These girls aren’t the only new additions to parajunkee.com either — so look for some new introductions in the next couple of weeks!


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