Review of the Clef plugin

Running a self-hosted WordPress blog? Well you might have run into a few hacker issues. The main issue is usually brute attacks against your login portal. You see, WordPress has a set login area and you can’t change it without running into serious issues with your CMS (Content Management System). If you monitor your system and you are under attack, you’ll see that hackers will literally try to login over and over again with generic passwords and usernames like Admin.

The best way to protect yourself is with a STRONG password and a non-generic username.

Clef is a new plugin with big dreams. Their goal is to replace passwords on the internet. You can access your blog with a simple use of your Smart Phone. Just install the Clef plugin on your site, sign-up for a Clef username (attached to your email. Make sure it is the email that is associated with your blog) and then download the Clef app for your Smart Phone. It was a ridiculously easy installation, I mean ridiculously easy. Compared to it’s competition, this is a big plus!


QR Code

The plugin uses technology much like a QR code, but a bit fancier. The little bars move back and forth and line up with your phone and wham you are logged in, nice and securely.

Why is this effective?

Because you know you use the same password for everything. Admit it? If you use many passwords for all your different sites, you get confused. You have to use a spreadsheet. Which is time consuming. Clef is simple and easy. Just pick up your phone, point it at your computer and you have a lock-solid password all remembered in your phone. Once this technology becomes cross site you might not have to remember another password.

Now, granted, we will be trusting Clef with all our passwords and logins, which might be hard for a few of us to stomach, coming from a Third Party software that doesn’t have an established reputation.

But, from what I can tell, this is a very secure program with a company that has good intentions to create a simple solution to all our security problems. They are even teeming up with Chrome so you can login to some of your favorite social networks via an app. Fabulous right? I really believe Clef has the start of a really good program here. There interface is streamlined and the concept is superb. You just have to make sure you keep your phone close to you at all times. Nothing new, right?

I wouldn’t just recommend using a strong password to protect your site. This is just ONE way to protect your site. But a good one.

Check out and see for yourself if it works well with your site.