The Vampire Academy movie was a well-done translation of the popular series by Richelle Mead.  The movie stayed almost religiously true to the book, which should make all of you fan girls squirm. But, does it have blockbuster potential? No. I have a feeling that this movie is not going to “wow” moviegoers that aren’t familiar with the books. In fact I’m pretty sure it will come under fire by a few critics that will literally be lost in translation as this movie flies through the back story of Rose and Lissa.

But was it good for me?? OH YES.

Daniel Waters (screenplay) you are a fan girls BFF.

But, was it a lot to take in? In such a short amount of time? Yes.
My head was spinning as each character was introduced and the world was splayed in quick succession before viewers — so I can imagine what uninformed viewers were feeling. I mean Mead’s world is ridiculously full of plot and setting – to have that translated into one film of only 1hr 44min‎ is hoping for a miracle.

You had words flying across the screen (literally) as Rose narrated the tale of the royalty, the Moroi, the Dhampirs, the Strigoi. Characters were introduced in quick succession, the story told in Rose’s succinct narrative and then wham bam Strigoi attacks, bitchy high school bullshit, sexy kissing scenes all paced by Rose and her fun witty comebacks. Oh they did such a good job with Rose’s sense of humor and snark. That was literally perfect. I hope those uniformed masses will look past all the crazy and just fall in love with Rose, like we fangirls have done from reading about her!

But there were times when it was too much…

I was about to have a panic attack at the first Christian and Lissa scene. It was so fast, so blown-by,  but so by the book, that I was about to stand-up and scream – “wait! Can we rewind that?!”  If only right? You have Lissa and Christian meeting in the “secret spot” and Rose witnessing it via her link – and she is commenting on the events. In a book, it gets the point across. In the movie, it was a lot.

Vampire Academy movie review

Are you getting my point yet? I mean this movie was almost word for word by the books. But, because of this it was hard to follow. They had to SQUISH it all together and put some things out of order, turn a bit topsy-turvy, all the while making sure that Rose and Lissa did just as was told by Richelle Mead. If I was Richelle Mead I would be severely pleased, but if I hadn’t read the books, I might be a bit overwhelmed.

But, enough of that.

I know what is on all of your minds. Was it cheesy? Was the interpretation a Mean Girls meets Twilight? Nope. They did a really good job. The fangirls should be out doing a dance in celebration of righteousness. The acting was done well, Zoey Deutch, well I want to wrap her up and stick her in my purse and keep her around so I can bring her out and sniff her when no one is looking. (SORRY!!!) Lucy Fry who played Lissa, I was a bit distracted by her mouth for most of the movie, but she did a good Lissa portrayal. Danila Kozlovsky who played the book boyfriend of book boyfriends, Dmitiri Belikov, well he needed to be so much more hotter, but yeah I was swooning…

Vampire Academy movie review

The only time it came close to cheese ball was those stupid Psy-hounds. They were pretty bad. Seems Syfy isn’t doing as bad of a job with their werewolves as it seems. Cause these were just kind of drooly and growly. Okay and yeah the dance scene was pretty silly with all the mean girls baring fangs. Which was the first trailer that I saw — which lowered my estimation of the movie BIG time. But it was one silly scene, that culminated in a ridic Dmitiri blink. Close to the book, yes. Kind of cheesy. Yup.

But, lest I forget…oh Mason. I just wanted to grab him up and sniff him too! So well done by Cameron Monaghan. That was not how I pictured Mason. But, loved it. *sniffle*

Overall enjoyable movie for a screaming fan of Richelle Mead, I just have pessimistic views on the turn-out that this movie will get and all is riding on the turn-out if there is hope to film a second movie. So, hopefully I am wrong.*please please please* be wrong!


So go see it fans!! Especially if you want a second movie. You’ll love it as a fan of the book.

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