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PJV Quickie:  HOPE’S REBELLION is an impeccably written story about three young women in a society where status is determined by hair color. This is a fast pace novel for a dystopian fantasy and one that I highly recommend.

Review:  Rinna is perfectly blonde.  Therefore, Rinna has been predestined to become a ‘mother’ and has servants to cater to her whims.  Meanwhile, Prelly and Drexi have to rely on chance encounters to elevate themselves out of hard labor.  The story spans the full life of the girls.  Birth, age three (sorting), schooling, graduations, and then adults.

None of the girls are complacent with what is given to them in life.  Society’s rules threaten to suffocate them.  I enjoyed the fact that once their lives intertwined, the three girls were bound to each other, though not always in friendship.  There are some very gritty scenes in the book and many of the minor characters have ugly personalities.  There isn’t much character depth outside of the POV characters, but it’s forgivable considering how perfectly executed the story is.

It feels like there’s not a single extra word in this book.  Every word has a purpose and a place and together they form a great story.  But, at times, it felt over condensed and I wanted there to be a little more elaboration in sections.  I understood the importance of each scene and each decision, but it was difficult to feel the characters’ reactions when the narrator doesn’t pause the strict pace to include them.

The ending was quite shocking, yet perfectly summed up the entire novel.  For the first 95% of the novel I couldn’t read fast enough.  For the last 5% I couldn’t read slow enough.  I’m sorry to say goodbye to three unforgettable protagonists.