Bitten Episode 4 Grief

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Episode 4 of Bitten opens up with the memorial for Pete and they focus on Jeremy and Elena’s grief over losing a treasured family member. Elena actually becomes distraught with her guilt and rage over Pete’s death.

This is a serious deviation from the book, because Elena is torn up over Logan’s death, instead of Pete and Logan is still alive in the series.

During their mourning, the pack is also being taunted by the mutt and new discoveries are being made about who and what is doing this to the pack and their motivations behind the attacks.

The episode wasn’t as horrific as the last couple of episodes, focusing more on the interplay between Clay and Elena and the pack dynamic as a whole. Jacking up Elena’s war within herself and the rage she feels about being a werewolf and feeling the way she does. She desperately wants revenge, but she also wants to be somewhat normal.

Violence and Death, Bitten animated gif

“I know this world plays by a different set of rules.”

“What we have here is violence and death.”

“…and love and family. And life is finding that balance.”

“I don’t want to be caught between two extremes.”

This theme runs throughout the whole episode as Clay and Elena search for who is behind the attacks. Finding a new mutt, who knows little about being a werewolf, but a lot about killing.

Then they discover that these mutts were created for a plan. A plan to take out Jeremy and the pack. And now the pack is faced with a choice, do they start a war or do they make a decisive plan.

A plot thread running behind all the searching is the fact that the Sheriff is now very suspicious of Jeremy and plans on investigating the Danvers family. She isn’t the only one that doesn’t trust the Danvers. The whole town is now suspicious of the pack and are treating them as pariahs when they enter the town.

My Favorite Scene was probably the cheesiest, because it was Elena and Clay taking a run in the woods. The wolves are not that great as far as animation. It is something about the loping gate, animators have a terrible time getting the run right. You’ll see this a lot in movies when they have animated horses. It just doesn’t land right with the motion of the legs and the speed. But, it was a great scene if you looked past the animation. As wolves they played and then ended up sleeping in the forest which led to a “some nuzzling.” To use Nick’s words.

Bitten Animated Gifs Bitten Animated Gifs Bitten Animated Gifs

It was a great scene though, including a fun follow-up of Elena and Clay walking through the house partially dressed. I did enjoy the scene in the book more, when they strolled up bare-assed in front of a “hunting party.” But the episode’s plot lines are a bit mixed up.

There weren’t really any “bad” parts in this episode. I wasn’t too big on the fact that they don’t have Elena and Clay hooking up yet and have Phillip still in the picture with phone calls and “I love yous.”

The episode ended in what I believe is another deviation of plot. They have Logan meeting with Daniel Santos, with a request to meet with the pack. And then Episode 5’s preview has him sitting at Stonehaven talking to the pack. I’m assuming they have to establish him as a real bad guy, instead of just someone from the past, like he is in the book. We will see.

So loving this show though.

“Please put some clothes on. You are making Logan here feel inadequate.”

“Don’t displace your own insecurities onto me.”