PJV Quickie: This unique book, One Death at a time by Thomas M. Hewlett, is the perfect blend between mystery and paranormal. The story gives us a taste of the real “underground” life in Los Angeles, with an unusual point of view, we see the world in the vampire’s eyes.

Review: I really liked how unique the story was. It’s a detective story with vampires. I loved the way the author has put a lot of different creatures like vampires, werewolves, even Fae into the story. One thing I am sure of, is that this book isn’t something you have read before.

At first I loved Jack’s personality. He was a vampire detective, who didn’t care about anyone. He was strong, and he had a way of responding to people. I found him quite sarcastic. But as the book progressed his character developed another side, which confused me. Jack acts very arrogant, but his actions tell he is a big softie. I didn’t understand or agree with his decisions. Why was he so eager to know who was the girl’s killer? The Holy order warned him to back off, or he will be killed.  I understand that the girl’s parents were hurt and asked him to find the killer. Why did he choose to investigate the case anyway?

I also didn’t like the fact Jack changed his opinion in only two sentences. These two sides of him did not compliment each-other. The point was, Jack didn’t feel very real, because he was one of those “arrogant” stereotypes, and his other “soft” side made it very difficult to cope with. I wish there was more character development. The only character I became familiar with was Jack. I hardly remember the others.

I also didn’t understand Jack’s love for Blue. His feelings developed too fast. One moment she was just another suspect, and in another moment he cares so much about her.
They only met each-other literally just once, and the second time they kiss and make love. That was a big turn off. Jack had this “arrogant” behavior, and he always said he was a monster. So why would he be so affected to humans?

But I loved the fact I didn’t know where this story was going. This book is the perfect blend between mystery and paranormal. The story gives us a taste of the real “underground” life in Los Angeles. The way our author describes the scenes gave me a sense of reality.

Overall, this was a truly unique story, but according to me there’s no character development. I really liked this book. I would give 5 stars to the story, if the characters were real and not confusing. I will give this book 3.5 stars, just because understanding characters is very important to me.

Recommendations: I would recommend this to the people, who want to read something unique.