A rating system seems to be the going “cool” of ranking products and services. Everything from rating your babysitter on a babysitter service sites, to your last great novel is widespread through our consumer driven society. Peer ratings are so much more trusted on top of that, so we feel the need to put our rating on the products and services we consume and then post it on the sites that sell these products. Which is why book blogs and other niche blogs that rate products have become so popular.

As a book blogger, we use sites like Goodreads and Amazon which force us to use a 5 point rating system. So, it becomes ingrained to judge a book by it’s rating. But, some book bloggers do not like to be hemmed into a certain scale. I mean, just think about the wide varying degrees of a 3 star rating!

So, I’ve scoured the web and found what others are saying about using a rating system, or not using a rating system. These are some of the pros and cons (that I thought were most helpful):


  • Universal Acceptance
    Ratings are universally accepted.
  • Expected
    They are expected.
  • At a Glance
    It gives your more unenlightened readers a quick view of whether the book is great, good, average or sucks
  • Easy to Understand
    It is easily understood. If you say a book is a 5 star, people will know it was great.
  • Easily Upgraded
    If you feel too restricted with a 5 point system you can go with a 10 point system or a “grading” system (A, B, C or A+ etc)
  • Keeps you Organized
    It helps organize reviews and books
  • Match Book Sites
    It goes along with goodreads and other book site accounts which most of us use
  • Guideline
    You can use your rating as a guide. If your first thought is: “2 star book” you will know when writing your review to back it up with a competent critique
  • Back It Up!
    They back up your review. If you say the book wasn’t good, giving it a rating backs that up. You are standing your ground with your opinions.


  • Limited Scale
    A rating system is inherently flawed, because you can’t judge a book on a limited scale
  • Wrong Impression
    They can give readers a wrong impression. While you give a book a 3 star rating they will assume the book wasn’t that good, but really you enjoyed it, it was just lacking in certain aspects.
  • Good vs. Bad
    It is not easy to stick a book into that category of good bad or average
  • Negativity
    If you rate a book with a low 1 or 2 rating you are basically saying “this book is terrible” and starting the review in a negative light, no matter what you say in your review
  • Judgmental
    It is judgmental, especially if you are biased reader. For example, you know the book is well-written but you didn’t like that the character is an adulterer. This gave you a distaste for the novel in general. This is unfair for the book.
  • Obligated to Deliver
    Using a rating system you feel obligated to back up your rating. If it is a low rating, you have to give reasoning for that low rating and vice versa. This can lead to a lot of pressure when writing a review.[/column]

Whether you are Pro or Con in the rating system, I always like to offer a freebie. Here are some BLINKY stars that you can use to rate your books! They blink! And they are pink. Free Pink Stars That Blink for your book blog. Holy crap I’m a poet.

Free Rater from Parajunkee

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