Episode #3 – Trespass opens up with a child, dead on the Stonehaven land. This is the dog scene, straight from the book. The only difference, the dog actually attacks Elena in the book as she goads it with her wolf and it is not over the body of a child. This adds an extra macabre aspect to the show. It also pumps up the “more human” aspect of Elena, compared to Clay.

Elena getting the dog to attack…

The scene leads right into the detective work of the pack. Jeremy sends Clay and Elena to sniff around town to find the mutt and he sends Logan, Nick and Peter to hunt down a certain debonaire mutt – Karl Marsten.

In this episode they do a good job with establishing the main point of the book, Elena’s resistance to her werewolf side and how she constitutes werewolf with Clay. And while they do show that she is a bit more aggressive when she is with the pack, there isn’t a HUGE glaring difference of how she acts with Phillip as opposed to Clay and Jeremy.

The show follows almost exact to the book in some spots, Clay and Elena trekking through town, sniffing out the bars, which finally leads them to the rave.

But, it deviates with Logan, Nick and Peter meeting with Karl at Nick’s latest business venture a crappy disco type bar he hopes to refurbish. I thought this was pretty good, even though it was a deviation because it keeps with Nick’s character of a rich playboy, playing with daddy’s money, but daddy has no problem with it.



The introduction of Karl, was actually pretty well done. Karl immediately showed his arrogance, even though the look of his character wasn’t what I expected. He is described in the series as:

“a jewel thief, and looked like Hollywood’s version of one. Dark haired with sharp features and sharper blue eyes. With pressed pants, a linen shirt, Italian loafers, faint tan and manicured fingernails, he looked like an action hero, idling on the sidelines while his stunt double worked up a sweat for him…A dangerous man hiding beneath the veneer of a bored sophisticate.”” – No Human’s Involved by Kelley Armstrong

Didn’t get that from Karl’s character. This seems like a minor character now, but he does have major significance later in the book and the series. They have not bought the rights to anything outside of “pack books” for this show.

But, we’ll see – it was a minor introduction in a deviation of plot.

In the Clay and Elena thread, they are now at the rave – which plays out exactly like it did in the book. There is a moment in the car when Elena and Clay have a moment…but it quickly dissolves into fighting again and Elena rushing in the rave to flush out the mutt. Things don’t go her way, which leads to a very horrific werewolf carnage scene. Ending almost exactly how it did in the book. Splat werewolf.


The pack things the issue is over. The boys exchange high-fives and hugs. They can go back to their lives.

Notice the big deviation yet? A certain werewolf is still alive that is supposed to be dead…and Elena heads back to Toronto, thinking she is back to her life. Until she gets a call, from her “other cousin” with news about the ending cliffhanger of this episode. They killed off a major player. Granted in the book, we were already down three…is a shame, because while I didn’t really “get him in the books,” Peter was a fun character in the show. The carnage of the kill should be enough to fuel some revenge fires in the pack. And it also shows that guess what – this killer mutt wasn’t the only one in their area. Seems it is about the pack now.

CarnageFavorite Part: The carnage! Loved it, they didn’t hold back any punches. They showed psycho Scott Brandon munching on downed ravers and then GOING splat on the grill of the truck. Nice.

Least favorite part: A meeting with Phillip and some seller of alcohol. What was that about? And what ad guy meets with a client on the roof of a building? That made no sense. I wonder what thread they will add in with this one. I have a feeling Phillip’s character will not go quietly like he did in the book…