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PJV Quickie: If you were a fan of Beautiful Disaster then this is definitely something you will enjoy. It continues past that slight cliff hanger after Beautiful Disaster. If you’re like me and haven’t read Walking Disaster you’re all good because I haven’t. A Beautiful Wedding from start to finish gives you the ins and outs of Travis and Abby’s wedding. I think I enjoyed this more because of the audiobook.

Book Review:

Beautiful disaster is  #2.5 but really it is also a #1.5, since book 2 was just book 1 in a different P.O.V. As a book A Beautiful Wedding was okay. I have only read Beautiful Disaster which is in Abby’s P.O.V and reading this one made me really despise Abby as a character. Abby was an obnoxious character in the first book but it didn’t make me dislike the book. Abby in this was really annoying and the choices she made just made me want to shake me head. This is the first I have read of Travis’ P.O.V and I enjoyed it more than Abby’s.

Yes, I know, Travis is a possessive and obsessive character. His relationship with Abby is not healthy at all and his temper issues aren’t very good. But he is truthful or at least genuine in his actions. He loves Abby and he honestly doesn’t want to hurt her. I feel like Abby is such an pretentious character.

It has been close to a year since I read this book so at times I was completely confused as to what was going on. In any sequel, I am always looking for a bit of a summation of the previous book’s events. I don’t think this novella had it and was more of an extension of the first book. So I don’t know why this is a novella and not an addition to that book. It would have been a better ending, than the cliff hanger.

The story to me wasn’t anything amazing, but I did like knowing what happened to the characters. Even though Abby bothered me for much of the short story.

Audio Review:

I am a new fan of audio books and I really loved the narration of this one. I loved that there were two narrators for the dual point of view in this story. I also enjoyed that their voices sounded close to the age of the characters. I have tried several YA and NA audio books but I couldn’t finish them because the narrators sounded like someone significantly older. For me if I can’t see the words on the page I need something to hook me in the sound. To hear narrators that I could put a voice to a face in my head really made this for me.

I specifically liked Travis’ narrator, his expression was really great. At times hearing the dialogue out loud was rather corny and cringe worthy but I got over it. The narrator for Abby had a rather annoying voice that was very grating on my nerves. I can’t quite explain it but it was almost nasally and squeaky.  I pushed past it though.

Overall I loved that the voices matched the characters in age. As well as the emotion and expression used. These weren’t the monotone voices that you are used to in audio books. They made this story some what believable. I think I enjoyed this book even more because of the audio.dana Sig