PJV Quickie: If you love a good fluffy young adult romance that still has a great back story as well as romance then Being Sloane Jacobs is a book you will adore. Lauren Morrill manages to tell the story of two girls both coincidentally named Sloane Jacobs who meet and trade places.

Being Sloane Jacobs follows two girls, one named Sloane Emily Jacobs a figure skater from a rich family, and the other named Sloane Devon Jacobs a hockey player from the bad side of town. I had went into this book semi-blind, pretty much I knew nothing about this other than the genre and that a lot of people had enjoyed Lauren Morrill‘s first novel.  I wish that I didn’t do that though. I was so confused by the initial alternating chapters. I wish I had known right away that there were two characters both having the same first and last names, because I started to think that this wasn’t contemporary and was science fiction. My small mistake in not understand was probably the one thing that took away from my reading experience but reading this in print will most likely avoid that misconception.

I read this book really fast and once I understood what was going on; I was hooked. The plot line is rather cliched though but I hope that doesn’t deter you from picking this up. The Sloanes meet and think “oh wow, you’re life seems so much easier then mine” right before they have to go to their camps (for their specific sport) and then switch places; like people do. This book is completely unrealistic in almost every way but when I was reading it I didn’t care. I think both of the main characters were great and very distinct from each other.

I definitely have to say Sloane Devon was my favorite of the two. She is the more down to earth of the two girls and easier to relate to. But of the two plots, I preferred Sloane Emily’s. I  think her family life was really interesting as well as intriguing, the same goes for Sloane Devon. I liked with Sloane Emily seeing a this perfect life, but as you read more you realized her life was just as screwed up as Sloane Devon. I also liked Sloane Emily’s transition from figure skating to hockey better than the opposite which was what Sloane Devon was going through. I also preferred Sloane Emily’s romance with the hockey player, it was really cute and something I rooted for from the beginning.

The ending of this book is sort of bittersweet for the girls but it was still a great resolution. Also it had such a funny little cliff hanger that I am really interested in knowing if it was real, you know what I mean if you have read it! If you aren’t someone who takes a book extremely serious and wants a light read then Being Sloane Jacobs is a great pick for you.