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PJV Quickie:  The plot for THE GENESIS is more action-packed than an UNDERWORLD movie, has more twists than a theme park roller-coaster, and has none of the genre cliches that have driven many vampire lovers back to the sun.

Review:  Ever had that moment of horror while reading a book that you know exactly how it will end?  Well, that moment nearly caused me to DNF about 20% through the THE GENESIS.  I decided to give it a second shot months later and I’m happy that I did.  I predicted many things would happen in THE GENESIS and only one actually occurred.  Even the ending came as a complete shock and typically I can figure out this books in this genre by the halfway point.

Readers looking for a vampire romance to cuddle up with for bedtime reading may want to look elsewhere.  The romance is so low key in THE GENESIS that you may wonder if the vampires have sexual urges at all.  Catrina’s redheaded snippets could be interpreted as suppressed attraction, but Fox’s strictly professional and cold attitude never wavers.  You’d get a better rise watching Ben Stein in the Clear Eye commercials than reading the banter between these two characters.

There are two instances in the book that unfortunately earned a full-fledged face palm from me.  Catrina decides to go out unprotected into the world and has to be rescued by a character that seems to be a plot device.  I discovered later in the story that he had a solid alibi for being able to rescue her, however while reading, it seemed that he’s plucked out of the sky.  There’s no mention of this character prior to the scene.  The other instance involves Fox, who is the leading male character.  His character doesn’t organically progress during the course of the novel.  His cool exterior is too convincing and I didn’t find his emotional confession believable when it happened.

It’s because I know that this novel could have been so much better with some tweeking (not to be confused with twerking) that my review seems overly negative for a three star review.  I was actually very entertained by the story.  Even when the characters did something completely out of character, I forgave them because I wanted to know what would happen next.  The story is that good!

I also prefer my books to be focused on action rather than romance, so the lack of it wasn’t a deal-breaker.  But, I still enjoy a bit of seasoning (romance) to spice up the books I read.  If you’re able to overlook the few inconsistencies, then it is worth checking out.  I probably won’t continue the series, but I think I will be on the lookout for future books by the author.