“Oh she said the line!” Was my first thought at the start of episode 2 of Bitten. Redeemed! I was so looking forward to the line:

Elena Michaels welcoming committee

“Are you the welcoming committee or did Jeremy finally chain you up to the front gate where you belong?”

Elena is back at Stonehaven and Clay is giving her puppy dog eyes as he follows her around, he  tries to help her and make her feel comfortable. She is just so very angry though, angry at being back at Stonehaven, still angry at Clay for what he has done to her (even though they haven’t gotten into that) and angry at herself for still feeling. They introduce the turmoil and the back-story with clips of Elena and Clay together in a quick shot of them walking up the front path together, Elena nervous about meeting Clay’s family.  They also show that the town is panicking about the wolves that are killing and are actively on the werewolves property with guns. Putting all of the pack in danger. The second episode really stuck to the book. Syfy is doing a great job with sticking to little points that made the book original. Even though Elena didn’t have her pink princess canopy bed, they are at least getting the major points down. The fact that Clay wears  his wedding band has me hoping they play up his stalker psycho facade. Yum.

The character of Clayton Danvers. Yeah yum is a good word.

Shirtless Clayton Danvers

There was this shirtless fight scene with Nick…yeah if you missed it. It’s a good scene to rewind and play over and over again.   Unfortunately after that scene, Elena descended to the basement where there was this weird voice-over in odd middle-English talk…it was probably my least favorite point in the episode. But it did establish the pack back-story.

“Made certain from this point forward the two factions of werewolves; the noble pack who set and maintain rules and the mutts. Lone wolves who are to policed…and punished.” the last bit sounded like the guy was smiling. Psycho narrator! “Of the rules, the foremost is maintaining the secrecy of our kind. We are forbidden from undergoing through the change in front of humans or killing them. Unless the change occurs in their presence.”

It was an interesting way to establish the back-story, but it was rather awkward. Elena reading from these old scrolls, the creepy narrator.

The episode then moved quickly into revealing the closeness of the characters, Nick and Elena, then the older wolves as mentors, Peter, Antonio, while playing up Elena’s dueling emotions, her love/hate relationship with Clay. In this episode it also revealed the reasons behind Elena’s leaving. It did hint at a deviation in plot though, Elena fights with Clay and accuses him of “always following orders.” Hinting that she might have returned if Clay came for her in Toronto. As the series progress they do play up the Alpha situation a lot. That Jeremy gives orders and the others must follow and the fact that Elena does not want to be that person that takes the orders, especially when death might be the result. For the critics that are saying this show has no plot…I believe it might be too much plot and back-story for them, because Syfy is following very closely to the novel and it is making me get all squiggly inside. Names, settings and lines are quite close.

Most Disappointing Scene:

don’t ever pet me like that again….

Don't pet me again!

From what I can tell in Canada – they got to see some backside action…we just got a brushed over clip! *sigh*


Eating at the table, Danvers familyFavorite Scene:

The breakfast scene. With just a subtle display, this show displayed Jeremy’s dominance. Which I thought was really well done.

Are you watching? What was your favorite scene? What was your least favorite?