PJV Quickie: Jennifer Probst brings a fresh voice to contemporary romance with her latest novel, SEARCHING FOR SOMEDAY. The characters are what make this charming tale along with Probst’s light voice that lends a cuteness factor and makes for a lot of swooning during the romantic scenes.

Review: In a little town outside of New York city, Kate Seymour and her two best friends from college have opened a matchmaking company called Kinnections. The three women enjoy using their special talents to find love connections between two people. Most of their work is done through science, but Kate has a special gift that she uses to enhance their services. She can touch people and feel if they have the potential for a love connection. Unfortunately she can’t use it on herself and finds, while she believes in happily-ever-after for other people, she doesn’t really believe she’ll ever get her own. Kinnections newest client Jane has just moved to the area, and wants to make her own love connection. Her very over-protective brother has other things in mind for her though and believes Kate’s business is just a scam.

Slade, said over-protective brother, marches into Kate’s office and calls her intentions on the table. Threatening her with a law-suit, which Kate deftly side-steps. It was a great scene. The end-result is that Slade challenges Kate to prove that she is good at what she does – he hires her. Fix him up and he’ll believe that she’s good at what she does.

Let the hi-jinx begin. Kate begins setting Slade up with women she thinks would be a perfect match, even though she is ridiculously attracted to him. She resists her attraction though, because Slade is so different from her ideal boyfriend. He is a divorce lawyer, doesn’t believe in love and is completely full of himself. The back and forth between the two characters is cute, fun and sexy. Slade is wonderful, Kate is adorable and together their story was highly enjoyable to read.

Jennifer Probst has a very straight-forward writing style that was light, but not in the usually simplistically fun tone of the normal chick-lit. She had a unique way of setting up the scenes, making everything come together nicely. She also has a knack for writing in secondary characters, making everything in the novel sweet and fun. Then there were little touches throughout the novel, like the dog and the magical touches that make the book just a bit more. Some reviewers have remarked that the fact that Kate’s mom was a sex therapist that had sex with her clients was weird, but I’ve actually seen this on a documentary. There are sex therapists that do this and it is not considered prostitution. Some loop-hole. I thought this was silly and a bit over-the-top, but it worked. The mom was completely zany. And it just proves that Jennifer Probst and I watch the same documentaries and movies. I wonder if she was inspired to write about Robert after that crazy J.Lo movie where she got artificially inseminated. That dog was a Boston Terrier though, related to Pugs but a bit cuter ( have a Boston so I’m biased).

Then finally, she reveals the characters and their idiosyncrasies in bits and pieces until you are fully in-love with both characters. It was a wonderful story! A great setting, cute story and great characters made for a swoon-worthy read that was entertaining and fun. I can’t wait to read more from the SEARCHING FOR series.

The narration was done by Madeleine Maby. This is the first time I’ve heard her narration and it was good, for the girl parts. It takes a talented narrator to do the male parts with perfection and Maby wasn’t up to the task, but it wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t mind hearing another one of her narrations – I’m just a bigger fan when they do a male narrator and female narrator especially for romance novels.

Recommendations: Fans of contemporary romance, you’ll love this one. If you enjoy books by authors such as and you should really enjoy SEARCHING FOR SOMEDAY. This is an adult title with tons of smoking hot scenes. This was a spin-off from Probst’s other series, but these novels are stand-alone and do not need prior novels to make sense. Adults only.