Even without all the hullabaloo that Syfy usually envelopes new series with, Bitten was a hit for me. It followed closely with the book, there wasn’t too many inconsistencies to prove a nuisance and the casting, while at first worrisome really rather fit. Jeremy is not as hot as I expected, and Elena is a little two “curled” and stilettoed but I’ll deal. This series has potential.

I have to start out by saying that if this show would have been picked up by HBO or SHOWTIME it would go the way of True Blood and turn into paranormal porn. Instead we just got a lot of views of side ass and side boob. But, frankly Syfy is really embracing the cable network mantra of envelope = push. The show opened up with a full on sex scene, back shot, cowboy is a kicking, well-placed sheet draping, sex scene. There was a bit of lead up of clothes on floor, human grunting sounds – which I thought might lead to maybe Elena shifting. Nope, it’s Elena alright, but she is with Phillip and they are pretty happy. That is until the change grips Elena and she has to rush out and change in an alley. All in-line with the book. Nice.

In these shots, when Elena rushes off, her wolf coming out, it does get a bit cheesy, pulsing lights, heartbeats hammering, stretching sound of skin, but this is Syfy. Just with more nudity. Laura Vandervoort who plays Elena is going to be doing a lot of naked back shots in this series.

The show quickly introduces the underlying conflict of the season, the mutt, who is staking a claim, or sending a message to the Danvers, by killing a local girl in their territory. In this first show they didn’t explain much about the werewolves, especially the Danvers, even what a mutt was. They throw the term around a lot, but this first show was to mainly establish that there is a werewolf that is in opposition to this “family” and they call him mutt. They also establish that Elena is a part of the family as a fellow werewolf, but doesn’t really want to be. She is in love with a man Phillip and lives in Toronto away from the family. But, for some reason there is conflict between her and the rest of her family.

Bitten Syfy Kelley Armstrong

Welcome back to Bear Valley

Having read the books I knew the underlying conflict, the structure of the werewolf pack, but I can see how the lack of knowledge could leave viewers confused, considering how much back-story precedes the present-day story of Elena and the Stonehaven pack.

Favorite Parts:

Elena’s eating habits. I like how they established the fact that she is a little different then the normal girl. They also established that Elena was not a normal girl in a few other ways, like how she went all kung-fu on a heavy-handed would-be suitor in a bar. Check out the scene via gif at a new fave Tumblr blog.

Least Favorite Part:

The loping gate of the werewolf. The CGI people didn’t quite nail it. It looked off and obviously fake. The wolves weren’t giant or anything abnormal,  I don’t know why they couldn’t mock live wolves.

My biggest disappointment came in the Elena and Clay reunion. The quote from the book was epic:

Elena: “Are you the welcoming committee? Or has Jeremy finally chained you up to the front gate where you belong?”
Clay: “I missed you too.”

Clay Danvers

Clay Danvers played by Greyston Holt

How the show handled it, completely fizzled.

 Elena: “You’ll have to do better then that if we are tracking a mutt.”

Clay: “Missed you too.”